etoy.CORPORATION digitally sends M∞ PILOTS across the ultimate boundary to investigate afterlife, the most virtual of all worlds. Currently 1156 registered users build a community of the living and the dead that reconfigures the way information society deals with memory (conservation / loss), time (future / present / past) and death. Under the protection of thousands of M∞ ANGELS (the living) the M∞ PILOTS (the dead) travel space and time forever. More Information on


2012 Vida Madrid Spain
2011 CCCStrozzina Florence Italia
2011 Kunsthaus Zug Zug Switzerland
2010 Kunsthalle Gwangju Gwangju Korea
2010 SiliconDreams San Sebastian Spain
2009 ARS ELECTRONICA Linz Austria
2009 Heiligkreuz Entlebuch Switzerland
2009 Museum of Communication Berne Switzerland
2009 Pollinaria Italy
2008 Shift Festival Basel Switzerland
2008 MANIFESTA7 Bolzano Italy
2008 SYNTHETIC TIMES Beijing China twisting values since 1994