etoy.CORPORATION is art and invests all resources in the production of art beyond traditional dimensions. The aim is to take the resources, tools and legal framework of our time to create a corporate sculpture - a shareholder company registered in Zug/Switzerland that has no other purpose than cultural value. The privately held company etoy.CORPORATION SA issues etoy.SHARES (more information) to compensate its artists, investors, collectors and supporters. etoy.VENTURE association was founded 1994 and is registered in Zurich. This non-profit organization operates etoy.TANK-PLANTS in various cities, takes care of etoy.SOCIAL-ACTIVITIES, runs etoy.DAY-CARE and establishes MISSION ETERNITY - a digital cult of the dead. Watch out for the DOMAIN (for virtual products) and the etoy.HOLOGRAM (for physical products) - the only valid proof of etoy.ORIGIN. The artist's signature is no adequate indicator of authorship in the etoy.UNIVERSE. Products that can be downloaded from other domains or lack the 25 x 25 mm label are low quality replica that can compromise your intellect and sanity. Collectors holding etoy.WORK issued before January 2006 can apply for validation and holographic certification: CONTACT INVESTOR RELATIONS

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