etoy.HOLOGRAM (2006 / 20.000 units)

Protecting identity in the 21st century without limiting the rights of the user

etoy, expanding reality since 1994, redefines art history by replacing the obsolete role of the genius by a network of collaborating agents: a group of exceptional artists and engineers who exploit technology to create and explore new territories. Given these circumstances, the artist's signature and the stroke of the brush are no longer adequate indicators of authorship and authenticity. Watch out for the etoy.HOLOGRAM - the only valid proof of etoy.ORIGIN. Physical products (i.e. etoy.SHARE-CERTIFICATES) that lack the 25 x 25 mm label are low quality replica that can compromise your intellect and sanity. They are worthless.

etoy.COLLECTORS who own art work (i.e. etoy.SHARE-CERTIFICATES) issued prior to January 2006 can contact INVESTOR RELATIONS to retrofit products for a minimal service charge ($15).


etoy.CORPORATION will not tolerate dilution and degradation of etoy.QUALITY. To guard customers from make that doesn't meet the standards of a real etoy.PRODUCT, our engineers and designers collaborated with the Swiss company 3D Holographics Solutions, one of only five firms worldwide capable of producing high security holograms used to protect passports, credit cards and medical drugs from harmful replica.

Maximum brand protection through optical, high technology: The multilayer holographic label includes microtext, an encrypted hidden feature (only readable with a laser device) and a tracking number that allows to assign each etoy.HOLOGRAM to one product.


BACKGROUND: With every line of code, every sculpture, image, publication, exhibition, and award the etoy.BRAND and the body of work produced by collaborating etoy.AGENTS gains value. Today, low-quality plagiarism and counterfeit are a logical consequence of success. Asian brand pirates, greedy artists working for etoy in the past, former husbands and girl friends or art clowns: there are plenty of self-proclaimed etoy.EXPERTS trying to take advantage by offering phony paraphernalia or cruft from etoy.TRASHCAN.

etoy.CORPORATION rejects the use of digital rights management (DRM) solutions because they limit access to knowledge and prevent innovation. The right of the user to keep digital reproductions for backup or documentation is fundamental. twisting values since 1994