etoy.CORPORATION does not sell isolated art objects. etoy sells, trades and exchanges parts of itself and its brand: etoy.SHARES represent participation in etoy and cultural value generated by etoy. All 640'000 etoy.SHARE-UNITS available on the international art market equal 100% of the etoy.POWER represented by the privately held company etoy.CORPORATION (registered in the City of Zug, Switzerland / Register of Commerce CH-

etoy.SHARE-CERTIFICATES are works of art and part of international collections like the Artothek (collection of the Austrian Bundeskanzleramt), the Migros Corporation, the Shiffler collection and in the hands of private supporters of etoy (Michelangelo Pistoletto, Joichi Ito, John Perry Barlow etc). Each etoy.SHARE-CERTIFICATE is a unique visual documentation of a specific code, moment or element of the etoy.UNIVERSE and certifies the strictly regulated ownership of etoy.CORPORATION: the core of the etoy.ART-WORK.

INVEST in the corporation that goes where traditional artists, companies and individuals cannot afford or risk to go. etoy could not operate without the investments of individuals who understand etoy's strategy and help carrying the operations forward. Contemporary art depends on minds that think ahead! Please contact investATirDOTetoyDOTcom


Who owns etoy?


etoy.CORPORATION is owned by its employees and the etoy.MANAGEMENT, by international art collectors (private and institutional investors such as museums, foundations etc.) and MICRO.investors such as TOYWAR.soldiers, etoy.FANS and etoy.BABY-AGENTS (kids who participated in etoy.DAY-CARE-TRAINING CAMPS).


etoy.SHARE-CERTIFICATES are the radical answer of the international art group etoy to new conditions and challenges for artists in the digital age

  1. Limitation: etoy accepts the fact that value is based on limitation. Digital culture cannot be limited in traditional (physical) ways. Lossless reproduction and distribution is the nature of electronic media. etoy introduces shares as a common, legal limitation of ownership without limiting culture itself. etoy.SHAREHOLDERS support, own, and share cultural value.
  2. Intangible cultural value: etoy developed the certificates as a link between the virtual and the physical aspects of its work. etoy.SHARE-CERTIFICATES visualize unique instants and are signed by the management of etoy. The certificates represent the etoy.GESAMTKUNSTWERK.
  3. Documentation: Relevant digital culture is difficult to document and archive. With the certificates, etoy transforms its most important aspects and happenings into original and visual manifestations. The sum of all unique certificates assembles and owns the etoy.HISTORY.
  4. Authorship: etoy.AGENTS contribute time, capital, knowledge and network, and assign all intellectual property rights to etoy who manages, coordinates and protects the long-term existence of the etoy.BRAND. etoy.CORPORATION is the legaly binding author of the work, and the shares regulate the ownership. The etoy.HOLOGRAM guarantees the authenticity of the etoy.SHARE-CERTIFICATES and replaces the artist's signature.
  5. Participation: etoy.SHARES stress the idea of sharing resources to produce art. Registered etoy.SHAREHOLDERS hold voting rights. etoy does not focus on financial profits. etoy.SHARES involve collectors in a participative, artistic process that manifests in action, exhibitions, design, cult, software development, architecture, publications, education, and activism.

etoy.CORPORATION is a shareholder company registered in Zug, Switzerland.

Purpose: etoy.CORPORATION is art and invests in art. The firm represents the core and code of the corporate sculpture, and controls, protects, promotes, and exploits the cultural substance (intellectual property), particularly the U.S. trademark "etoy" and the etoy.ART-COLLECTION. The firm shares cultural value and intends to reinvest all financial earnings in art. Register of commerce: CH-

etoy.CORPORATION is owned by the management and the etoy.AGENTS (40%), art collectors and museums (30%), and the etoy.VENTURE-ASSOCIATION (30%). The etoy.VENTURE-ASSOCIATION sells etoy.SHARES in order to finance etoy's operations. twisting values since 1994