Opening IDENTITA VIRTUALI / VIRTUAL IDENTITIES - Giov. 19.05.2011 - h. 19.00

Fondazione Palazzo Strozzi
is pleased to invite you to the opening of the exhibition of the
Centre for Contemporary Culture Strozzina

VIRTUAL IDENTITIES Thursday 19 May 2011 at 7 pm

Centre for Contemporary Culture Strozzina
Palazzo Strozzi, Piazza Strozzi, Firenze

Artists: Evan Baden, Christopher Baker, Natalie Bookchin, Robbie Cooper, etoy.CORPORATION, Nicholas Felton, Les liens invisibles, Chris Oakley, Sociable Media Group, Michael Wolf

This exhibition enquires how digital culture is redefining the characteristics and boundaries of our identity, both personal and collective. Always being available and interacting with smartphones or sharing personal thoughts or experiences through social networks are elements common to the lives of most people today. In today’s communication society, one seems to exist only if traceable online and in the constant flow of information.
Works and installations by international artists trigger a reflection on the new relationship between man and technology under the guise of the “virtual identity” with which we increasingly confront reality, at times without even realizing it.

Scholarly Committee:
Antonio Glessi, Roberto Simanowski, Franziska Nori, Christiane Feser

Exhibition hours:
20 May-17 July 2011
Tuesday-Sunday 10.00-20.00 / free Thursdays 18.00-23.00

Info: /
Tel. +39 055 2645155


Plakat Ausstellung Kunsthaus Zug



Domizil Zug - Potthof zu etoy.CORPORATION

Ausstellung im Kunsthaus Zug - 16. April bis 29. Mai

Während des Zweiten Weltkriegs formierte sich eine junge Gruppe angehender Künstler in Baar und Zug. Nach dem Vorbild des österreichischen Bildhauers Fritz Wotruba, der von 1939 bis 1945 in Zug im Exil lebte, waren sie entschlossen, ‹freie Künstler› zu werden.

Besonders Hans Potthof (1911 – 2003) repräsentiert diese Zeit des künstlerischen Anfangs. Ihm widmet das Kunsthaus eine monografische Präsentation mit wenig bekannten Zeichnungen, Aquarellen und Gemälden seit den 1930er Jahren. Sie wird ergänzt von  Arbeiten Fritz Wotrubas aus der Zuger Zeit sowie von Potthofs damaligen Freunden und Kollegen: Armin Haab, Eugen Hotz, Christian Staub, Alex Stocker u.a.

Dieser Präsentation steht die Werkschau des Künstlerkollektivs etoy gegenüber. etoy.CORPORATION ist eine im Zuger Handelsregister eingetragene Aktiengesellschaft. Sie besteht seit 1994 und hat gegenwärtig 15 ‹Agenten› in Europa und den USA sowie über 200 Aktionäre.

Während Potthof die Region Zug zum Kunstmotiv erhob und ein Heimat-Bild prägte, das als ‹Brand› bis heute wirksam geblieben ist, stellt die Stadt Zug für etoy primär das Geschäftsdomizil dar. Ihr nun vorgestelltes Langzeitprojekt MISSION ETERNITY dreht sich aber auch um die Zuger Persönlichkeit Sepp Keiser (einen Freund von Potthof). etoy interessiert sich für den bekannten Laienschauspieler, Stadtführer und Leserbriefschreiber sowie für den einstigen Pionier des Mikrofilms und Mitgründer der Walter Rentsch AG (heute Canon Schweiz). In ihrem «Totenkult für das Informationszeitalter» agiert die vielfältige Figur Keiser als ‹Testpilot›. MISSION ETERNITY handelt vom Vergessen und Erinnern von menschlichen Spuren, digitalen ebenso wie physischen.

Potthof, Keiser und etoy vertreten die markanten Zuger Gegensätze von Tradition und Umbruch, Kultur und Ökonomie, von beschaulicher Landregion und globalem Handelszentrum. Domizil Zug zeigt künstlerische Positionen im Spannungsfeld einer Sehnsucht nach ländlicher Verwurzelung und Entrückung im Cyberspace.

Kurator: Matthias Haldemann

Kunsthaus Zug - Dorfstrasse 27- CH-6301 Zug - Tel (+41) 041 725 33 44


etoy in GWANGJU: a portrait by a local artist

THANK you soyoung!! so cool!


10 minutes to closing time

...leaving reality behind. again and again.

Join etoy.AGENTS Vincent, HG and Zai for last performances in
Gwangju/Korea TONIGHT Sat. Nov.6/7PM befor etoy will leave Korea behind

It's been a very turbulent time: the newly opened Kunsthalle Gwangju
challenged etoy with an experimental
container art space that twisted culture and arms of agents and audience.
On the upside, etoy showed a comprehensive retrospective covering 16 years
of etoy.HISTORY, the premier taking place in one of Asia's growing
hotspots, continuing our exposure to the Asian market, following up on the
SARCOPHAGUS show at the National Art Museum of China in 2008. On the
downside, working conditions were more than challenging due to stretched
construction deadlines, monsoon and a massive lack of basic

NEWS!  etoy is happy to announce a new collaboration with space pioneer
and Gwangju local, Hojun Song, initiator of the Open Source Satellite
(OSSI)! Hojun set out to develop
non-commercial and DIY use of outer space: satellites and communication
and possibly peaceful colonization. The fringe initiative is artistic for
reasons well known to etoy: sometimes only art can risk to venture into
new and highly risky domains given seemingly insurmountable social,
economic, technological, and cultural obstacles. By acquiring a
functioning communication device to be used with the first satellite, etoy
invests in OSSI as part of the etoy.ART-COLLECTION, and Hojun invests in
etoy, becoming part of our global community of shareholders, advisors,
friends - sharing risk, cultural twists, and artistic adventure.

with kisses

your etoy.AGENTS in Gwangju
and everywhere else

LOCATION REQUEST: etoy's main office and working tank plant will have to
move away from its current location in Zurich Binz by June 2011. We are
currently looking for a new location in the city of Zurich, preferably
housing 6+ cargo containers, ample surroundings, mountain or lake view,
warm water, fast access to the airport, international schools, and low

Seriously: if you know of any possible space to house the etoy.CONTAINERS,
please contact us!

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Workshop Mission

MISSION ETERNITY is about our digital afterlife. We try to define and preserve our own unique infosphere for eternity - that is why we work as well with an ECG machine (we will do heart scans during the workshop, be aware: this is not harmful - is is micro-electric of our muscels): this allows us to draw the electric impulses of our heart (which is UNIQUE FOR EVERY PERSON!) in a line. The collaboration with BERNINAallows us to bring this unique traces to the outside: fashion is all about identiy - and we want people to be able to bring this uniquness onto their clothes - this is where the collaboration with BERNINA starts. So we want people to be able to have their unique signature - as a embroidery - ie in the form of a ecg heart drawing - on their shirts, or ties, or trousers.

prod.SHOWS / 2010 GWANJU kunsthalle


Tempel DAEWON in South Korea

one of the oldest tempels in korea, the daewon temple - lies in the middle of soft mountains covered with green forest and a river that runs through it - a perfect spot. the special thing about the tempel is that monks prepare you for your death: there is little temple with a wooden coffin where you can ly down and imagine your death.

further more: in the tibetian museum nearby I saw for the first time pictures from the tibetian death rites - quite brutal to us. how can that be a pieceful step into the afterlife?

these images is how I imagine the mikro makro world of a computer drive


Burning shares for the people from 518

finally we know who we have to burn our shares for on that historic place: to all those souls that gave their lifes because they wanted freedom - the freedom of speech and their minds - democracy. and to these souls etoy burns it shares right on that spot where it all happened, 30 years ago - a hot big fire here on that icy november day. yujin, thank you so much for sharing that moment and letting that thought come to our minds - and thanks to the visiting artists from thailand! 

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NAM JUNE PAIK as trickster

check this out, I like that. the definition TRICKSTER sounds great.

exhibition is on NOW. how could I miss this. with christian jankowski!

check this e-flux letter!


etoy on the memorial site of 518

on this cold and icy monday it was a place of piece and calm - still surrounded from all the scenes from the past: this strong urge for democracy which started the uprise. what I feel is the power of the mass. what many can do. so maybe we need more MISSION ETERNITY ANGELS, to keep our mission going.

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