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M∞ TAMATAR at Virtual Identities, CCC Strozzina Florence

A new breed of M∞ TAMATAR was exposed to the public on the occasion of the virtual identities exhibition opening at CCC Strozzina last week. The 16 spheres charged with content from M∞ TESTPILOT Timothy Leary are part of a carefully curated exhibition that deals with various aspects of a contemporary online self. The works shown reflect on recent developments in matters of privacy, transparency and the unlimited exposure of true personal data. See also the post `Opening Identita Virtuali` for more details.

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Opening IDENTITA VIRTUALI / VIRTUAL IDENTITIES - Giov. 19.05.2011 - h. 19.00

Fondazione Palazzo Strozzi
is pleased to invite you to the opening of the exhibition of the
Centre for Contemporary Culture Strozzina

VIRTUAL IDENTITIES Thursday 19 May 2011 at 7 pm

Centre for Contemporary Culture Strozzina
Palazzo Strozzi, Piazza Strozzi, Firenze

Artists: Evan Baden, Christopher Baker, Natalie Bookchin, Robbie Cooper, etoy.CORPORATION, Nicholas Felton, Les liens invisibles, Chris Oakley, Sociable Media Group, Michael Wolf

This exhibition enquires how digital culture is redefining the characteristics and boundaries of our identity, both personal and collective. Always being available and interacting with smartphones or sharing personal thoughts or experiences through social networks are elements common to the lives of most people today. In today’s communication society, one seems to exist only if traceable online and in the constant flow of information.
Works and installations by international artists trigger a reflection on the new relationship between man and technology under the guise of the “virtual identity” with which we increasingly confront reality, at times without even realizing it.

Scholarly Committee:
Antonio Glessi, Roberto Simanowski, Franziska Nori, Christiane Feser

Exhibition hours:
20 May-17 July 2011
Tuesday-Sunday 10.00-20.00 / free Thursdays 18.00-23.00

Info: /
Tel. +39 055 2645155

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