METAmART in Wien

After presented in Hongkong, etoy is hanging its 144 pictures of the etoy.SHARED-HISTORY 2 in Wien, at the METAmART, Kunst und Kapital, in the Künstlerhaus.

Good to meet old etoy.FRIENDS and SUPPORTERS: and to hand over BIG THANKS YOUs for work during the TOYWAR period. Thanks to monochrom, and Andrea Mayr and Sirikit Amann.

And good to make new friends: thanks to Christine Lahr for her inspiration and Lorenz Seidel for the organisation.

etoy brought Kapital to Vienna - and took a lot back.


METAmART opening November 24, at 7 p.m.

Opening:  METAmART

Join us at Künstlerhaus Vienna for the opening  November 24, at 7 p.m.
-> attending agents: etoy.ZAI, etoy.TABEA, etoy.HAEFLIGER

The curators of eSeL created an experimental market for art building on auctions, selective participation, gift economies, fixed price art, and play around original and authentic expressions for sale. In a second part of the show, art positions with a corporate background, such as etoy, and artists playing with economic everyday realities and identities build an environment that sets art and capital in contrast.

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