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Today the LEARY TERMINUS II, which was produced on February 14th in Madrid, was successfully inserted into the MISSION ETERNITY SARCOPHAGUS.

Dr. Timothy Leary passed away at the age of 75 on May 31, 1996 in California. He qualified as a test-pilot for MISSION ETERNITY with his reputation as a pioneer of the information age and his last book "Design for Dying".

Leary left the art group etoy a massive body of personal digital footage (photos, video, text, sketches, research papers, etc.) and his mortal remains (ashes) for experiments. In a series of totally four performances his ashes are incorporated into art objects, so called LEARY TERMINUS (I-IV). Each TERMINUS is a bridge that links the physical and digital remains of MISSION ETERNITY PILOTS.

TODAY at exactly 19:35 the LEARY TERMINUS II, an updated TEST VERSION by Adrien Rovero and Augustin Scott de Martinville, was plugged into the left SARCOPHAGUS-WALL. The hybrid between sculpture, cargo-container, organizational art, archive, mortal-remains-storage-solution, is a digital memorial for up to one thousand PILOTS. The SARCOPHAGUS connects tangible and non-tangible existence - biomass and data - and is the moving "resting place" and access point after physical death and cremation.

The digital data of Thimothy Leary is stored in the ARCANUM CAPSULE. This digital portraits as well as the SARCOPHAGUS are designed to travel planet earth forever together with millions of other cargo containers and TCP/IP Particles on the Internet.

Integrated into the immersive display of the SARCOPHAGUS each TERMINUS assumes the role of a dead pixel. The mortal remains replace the light and the displayed information. A unique RFID tag, identifies and assigns each TERMINUS to its corresponding ARCANUM CAPSULE online. A status LED on each TERMINUS indicates visitor traffic, the back-up status and distribution factor of the digital ARCANUM CAPSULE. In case of risk of data loss the LED and a very minimal sound system generate attention and call for help.

The key to the long-term project MISSION ETERNITY is a DISTRIBUTED DATA-STORAGE based on millions of computers of internet users - so called MISSION ETERNITY ANGELS.

This is just the beginning of an infinite voyage. Leaving reality behind...

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con actuación en directo de TIM & PUMA MIMI

Hoy el LEARY TERMINUS II, que fue producido el pasado 14 de Febrero en Madrid, será insertado en el MISSION ETERNITY SARCOPHAGUS.

El Dr. Timothy Leary murió en California el 31 de mayo de 1996 a la edad de 75 años. Fue seleccionado como piloto de pruebas del MISSION ETERNITY por su reputación como pionero de la era de la información y por su conocido libro "Design Dying"

Leary dejó al colectivo de artistas etoy un cuerpo masivo de información digital (fotos, vídeos, textos, bocetos, sketches, artículos de investigación científica, etc...) y sus restos mortales (cenizas). A lo largo de una serie de cuatro performances las cenizas de Leary están siendo incorporadas a objetos artísticos, llamados LEARY TERMINUS (I-IV).

Este TERMINUS es un puente que une los restos físicos y digitales de los pilotos del MISSION ETERNITY.

El TERMINUS está conectado al SARCOPHAGUS. Este híbrido entre escultura, contenedor de carga, arte organizacional, archivo, almacén de restos mortales, es un homenaje multimedia a más de mil pilotos. El SARCOPHAGUS conecta la existencia tangible y la intangible (biomasa y datos). Es un lugar en movimiento para el "último descanso" que sirve como punto de acceso después de la muerte física y la cremación.

Los datos digitales de Thimothy Leary son almacenados en la ARCANUM CAPSULE. Este retrato digital junto con el SARCOPHAGUS están diseñados para viajar por el planeta Tierra por siempre junto con millones de otros contenedores de carga y partículas de TCP/IP en Internet.

Incorporado a la pantalla del SARCOPHAGUS cada TERMINUS asume el papel de un píxel muerto. Los restos mortales sustituyen a la luz y la información mostrada. Una única marca RFID, identifica y asigna cada TERMINUS a su correspondiente ARCANUM CASULE on line. Un LED en cada TERMINUS indica el status del tráfico de visitantes, del back-up y de la distribución del ARCANUM CAPSULE digital. En caso de riesgo de pérdida de datos el LED y un sistema de sonido minimal genera atención y pide ayuda.

La clave del proyecto MISSION ETERNITY a largo plazo es una unidad distribuida de almacenamiento de datos basada en millones de ordenadores de usuarios de Internet, también llamados MISSION ETERNITY ANGELS.

Conviértete en un ANGEL on line y ayuda a asegurar la vida digital post-mortem del Dr. Timothy Leary y otros pilotos que le seguirán en las próximas décadas:

Este es tan sólo el comienzo hacia un viaje infinito. Deja atrás a la realidad...

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etoy at ARCO 08

etoy.AGENTS ZAI, POL, MONOROM, HAEFLIGER and MARCOS opened the MISSION ETERNITY SARCOPHAGUS for visitors at ARCO 08 in Madrid. By invitation of Fundacion Telefonica, etoy also filled a booth with share certificates and documentation material for both the corporation and MISSION ETERNITY. Public reactions include amazement at our approach to risk sharing with the shareholder model: art market participants still connect authorship and ownership exclusively with such concepts as "hand signature", and the possession of physical objects: when will contemporary art enter the knowledge society?

ARCO 08 moved into new exhibition buildings this week: the buildings are so new that toilets and escalators are still under construction, and power supply arrived one day late forcing the etoy.AGENTS to work until 3 a.m. the night before the opening! Telefonica foundation staff lent helping hands and even learnt to introduce visitors to the etoy.UNIVERSE. Special thanks go to Alejandro, Maria, and Ricardo - and also Paco and Santiago!

On Feb 14, 2008, Timothy Leary's updated TERMINUS was molded inside the SARCOPHAGUS in Madrid. Join us tomorrow, Saturday February 16, 2008 (19:00) for


etoy’s MISSION ETERNITY SARCOPHAGUS (a white cargo container at the entrance to ARCO) is where the art group etoy calls and reactivates a dead pioneer of the information age: Timothy Leary. He is the first MISSION ETERNITY TEST PILOT to enter the multiuser sarcophagus. In Madrid, 8g of Leary’s mortal remains will be implemented into his updated TERMINUS. This plug-shaped capsule stores the ashes of the M∞ PILOT after cremation and links it to digital remains such as personal data, voice samples, images, a post-mortem activity plan and more.

The ceremony is public and accompanied by 4 etoy.AGENTS and a live act by TIM & PUMA MIMI from Zurich.

Madrid local information:
MISSION ETERNITY, winner of the award VIDA 10.0, can be visited at Fundación Telefónica’s
booth (GC.B2) and at Fundación Telefónica EXT.1 (Entrance of ARCO Pavilion 14)


etoy invades ARCO 08 Madrid! After a total failure to convince any art dealer to trade art with etoy.SHARES in 2004, we're back.

With the MISSION ETERNITY SARCOPHAGUS, the art fair ARCO in Madrid receives an installation at its gates that connects the living art world with the dead.

From an economic perspective, etoy invades a contemporary art market driven more than ever by shiny names, fat parties, and cynical capitalism. By offering the etoy.SHARE we invite direct and unmediated participation in art production. More obvious than four years ago, MISSION ETERNITY provides the radical backdrop for etoy's call for risk sharing. Daring art collectors and investors can share the risks of art production, without middlemen: just down-to-earth investments in an art company that works out a new way to deal with memory (conservation/loss), time (future/present/past) and death.

If you wish to participate in radical art, share the risks of creating ground-breaking, jaw-dropping innovation: etoy is your investment opportunity. If you're sick of plunging banking stocks, flawed compensation schemes, and abstract blah about fine arts: etoy goes where traditional artists, companies and individuals cannot afford or risk to go.
Join us now!

Madrid ARCO 08, Feb 13 - 18, 2008
How to get there: open airline seats from Zurich start at 153 euro / from Berlin at 205 euro / from Paris at 111 euro
Where to stay: etoy.AGENTS reside at the Tryp Menfis Hotel, Mardid


By invitation of the Telefonica Foundation
1-3/3 twisting values since 1994