Working day in TANK8, Bolzano

Getting up early. Really early. The apartment at Via Trento 8 offers frugal living - no furniture except for the bed, etoy.TANK8 beats the apartment in comfort, a first! Meditation and writing down whatever came up during those 40 minutes. Bike to the industrial area south of town where TANK8 is located in front of the main entrance to Manifesta7. Start working - whatever I would do in the office in Zurich. Get coffee from the restaurant when it opens at 8. Rejoice, I’m in Italy. Sort of. Watch the automated systems crank up the display, sound, and video systems at 9. Wonder if anyone I know checks out the live webcams. Enjoy the cool morning and watch art visitors behind the glass wall. Get pasta 4 formaggi next door. Turn on the air conditioning unit. Inspect reviews and prepare for discussions with colleagues next week. Revise an article. Email. Discuss a submission project with Zai. The heat is creeping inside the tank. Read research article. Write on a proposal. Switch to more etoy work after five. Meditation and note taking. Discuss new shareholder production process with Zai, design templates for transactions. Bike to iperfamilia for Sanbitter and bread. Snack outside the tank. Admin work for etoy, email for ETH. Book a flight. Complain about the heat. Wonder again if people observe me working. Weird. Plug my music into the tank sound system, Leonard Cohen, Dover, Les Ritas Mitsouko and, of course, Gianna Nannini. Get a Chinotto from the fridge. It’s 21:44, Zai is at the laundromat. Decide to blog a picture from next door. Voilà. Turn up Morcheeba real loud.


etoy at Manifesta7

For Manifesta7 etoy built its brand-new TANK8 that serves as infrastructure to support the agents in their self-encapsulation for MISSION ETERNITY. As defined by the protocol, each ARCANUM CAPSULE adheres to basic standards for replicability and access and extends beyond the standards adding arcane, individual traces of life, post mortem plans, snapshots and time stamps, and anything that can capture a fraction of a person's life in the form of digital data. The quest for this trace, the memory and the loss, the deadline and the virtuality behind this ultimate boundary drives MISSION ETERNITY.

Join the etoy.AGENTS in Bolzano this fall: open until November 3, 2008
Observe our daily routines and our great new office at Via Volta 11:

Currently in self-encapsulation mode:
agent ZAI: inviting people for personal conversations captured in video and sound: friends, neighborhood kids, local politicians, farmers, former girlfriends and strangers.
agent HAEFLIGER: logging a series of meditations and transcribing their content to capture a snapshot of his life today.

Links for your visit:



Crew manual for Bolzano


Manifesta madness

At 2a.m. in the etoy.MULTIVERSE

Song by Spizzenergi

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Impressions from the GENERAL MEETING 2008 at manifesta7 in Bolzano


router sweltering under Bolzano sky

Because we "only" have a Wifi connection to TANK-8 in Bolzano, we put a router serving as client on top of the TANK to ensure a somewhat reliable connection to the factory building containing the actual access point. Cargo containers tend to be very good shields, so having a Wifi-client in direct line of sight was necessary.

This is what the device looks like after 2 weeks of an average temperature of 33 centigrade during daytime:

How to resist the power of the sun? Hm. Anyone any ideas?
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pirate art

etoy.TANK-8 at MANIFESTA7 is vaguely interconnected to the S23M bus from The Bureau of Piracy by the means of some unused industrial rails of the ex-ALUMIX, indicating the path to follow between etoy and the pirates. The only blockade is created by a door with a sign "EXIT ONLY".

The pirates were present with 23 people during a couple of days before the official opening and one or two days thereafter. They are on tour. In between a couple of hijacking actions (0wnages), they organized a great party onsite (pictures) with people trancing for hours.

Unfortunately, we only sneaked a peek at their actions, because we were so busy with setting up the new TANK-8, a mobile living space combined with a working and a public area.

Their crowd was rather anarchically organized (is this a paradox?), so there were a lot of different things going on at a time. Their main focus (from my perspective) was the exploration of ideas and their existance as a group, with regard to art and culture. Of course, this aligns well with our own presence at MANIFESTA: SELF-ENCAPSULATION, public dialogue and experimentation/research.

etoy misses your presence, too bad you couldn't stay longer!!
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important data Manifesta7 Bozen

general M7 info:

VIA VOLTA 11 (voltastrasse 11)
I-39100 BOLZANO/BOZEN SUD (industrial zone)

TAXI service in bozen: +39 047 198 1111

etoy.FLAT in bozen (21.7. - 3.11.2008):
Via trento 8
39100 bolzano / italia
Important: only one of the 3 rooms is booked on etoy during the Manifesta!

(5 minutes walk from main station bolzano)

WETTER in bozen

Public transport to manifesta (BOZEN / EX ALUMIX)
BUS 4 from the trainstation to via volta 11 (leaves .05 and .35) ...ask the driver for manifesta
BUS 10B from the trainstation and from our flat (via trento 8... walk 200 meters to the left if you leave the flat to find the bus stop)
get off the bus at "via claudia xy... at the beginning of via volta)
Public transport website:

for simple men -> regina (***)
for rich men -> parkhotel laurin and Greif

LAUNDERETTE (waschsalon): via Rosmini near Ponte Talvera

LATE NIGHT BEER SUPPLY: after 1:00 p.m.: Imbiss Kampill (map) every taxi driver knows it.


- sehr lecker pizza:
Via Museo 2, Bolzano, Italy
ist oft voll, vielleicht besser reservieren
Tel. 0471-978109

- südtiroler zeug + eigenes bier:
Hopfen & Co, Obstplatz 17, Bolzano, Italy

- hinter euch auf dem berg; tolle sicht und gutes essen
Haselburg / Restaurant Castel Flavon
Via Castel Flavon 48
I-39100 Bolzano/Bozen (BZ)
Tel +39 0471 402130


- Nadamas
44 Piazza delle Erbe

- Hopfen
mei bier halt

- Cafe Boulevard
- Irish Pub
- Disco Ok
Achtung nur wenn du ganz übel abstürzen willst und ganz schlechte musik
ertragen kannst

// allgemein ist freitag/samstag abend definitiv am meisten los in der stadt


curators: Raqs Media Collective: Monica Narula, Jeebesh Bagchi, Shuddhabrata Sengupta

Manifesta7 Coordinator Province of Bozen / Bolzano :
(Marion Lafogler: Assistant)

M7 head of production (one of many): peter kainrath (replacement for denis isaia)

Technical Director Bolzano: Andrea Polato
M7 production assistant: Valentina Malossi (stoped working august) M +39 345 4727034 e-mail:

tabularasa (elisa and denis isaia):
tabularase guests share the flat with etoy (via trento 8)


Alessandra Santerini Head of Communication

Press Office

Chiara Costa International and National Press
Danilo Fenner Local Press
Klaus Hartig Local Press

Sofia Patat
Francesca Rossi

International Relations, Special Programs and Events

Daniele Maruca
with Chiara del Senno

Silvia Scarpa
Tim van Lingen


Yoeri Meessen Head of Education
Francesca Sossass Coordinator, Trentino
Thea Unteregger Coordinator, South Tyrol
Barbara Mahlknecht Assistant Coordinator
Stefania Schir Assitant

Art Mediators

Romina Abate, Antonia Alampi, Marco Anesi, Dorothea Arbesser, Martina Baroncelli, Oriana Bosco, Barbara Campaner, Silvia Conta, Valentina Curandi, Daria Ghiu, Nathaniel Katz, Riccardo Lami, Linda Jasmin Mayr, Melanine Mölgg, Marion Oberhofer, Martina Oberprantacher, Alexandra Ross, Karin Schmuck, Giovanna Tamassia, Chiara Villani


falls du an der uni-bozen einen job suchst:


good night from manifesta DAY 1

good night from bolzano,
curious artists are approaching our shining and shimmering
container like night blinded insects and
their faces appear behind the glass,
smiling ghosts.
the sarcophagus research panel seems to call them.

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planting the tank

if you enter the manifesta the tank is situated on your left, right at the entrance - everyone has to pass!

etoy.TANK loading for manifesta7 in bolzano

Haevy work to shift the etoy.TANKS.
We did also move the kitchen / toilet module. but no time or fotos
YUP the new etoy.TANK has a toilet :)
1-10/10 twisting values since 1994