todd blair

todd blair, crew member of legendary robotic art crew SRL and one of the producers at isea 2006 got involved in a serious forklift accident in amsterdam after an SRL show.

send energy and $ via paypal if you can. outstanding artists like todd depend on our solidarity and deserve deep respect for their unique work. etoy will never forget the support we got from the experimental art and tech scene in the bay area during dramatic moments in our history. together we will format art.

please stay tuned todd!



etoy at C5

On the occasion of C5 corporation's ZeroOne project "Quest for Success", agent HAEFLIGER boarded a go-cart with a 35'' etoy.SHARE-CERTIFICATE in order to pitch the curators during the quest with a visual of MISSION ETERNITY's ARCANUM CAPSULE.

When zooming around the San Jose city hall, the certificate almost produced a lift-off - thanks to C5 agent Amul Goswamy for the competent driving!
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Pre-Opening Pressure

After the landing delay, the SARCOPHAGUS now undergoes testing and detailing to accommodate for the visitors next week. No exception to pre-opening work, high pressure is our fuel: painting the square around the SARCOPHAGUS, attending to the palm trees' special needs, fending off zealous guards, and training volunteers. The etoy.GROUND-CREW gets its white uniform dirty.

A warm welcome and thanks to our new local agent etoy.MARLAND!

Early View on Construction Work

Everett Taasevigen is doing photography documenting ISEA/ZeroOne.
Some of his impressions on etoy's construction work in front of the San Jose
Museum of Art are available on his flickr page:

chained down by the tank
Photo: Everett Taasevigen, Zero One

Thanks very much, Everett!
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after the hardest customs and logistics nightmare in the history of etoy.CORPORATION (worse than tokyo and torino together) etoy could today successfully off-load the SARCOPHAGUS TANK in front of the san jose museum of art.

the MISSION ETERNITY GROUND CREW in silicon valley (etoy.AGENTS monorom, silvan, vincent and zai) was challenged to the maximum extent during the 168 hours since arrival on american terrain. the etoy.CEO was close to nuke the entire hi-tech capital because of all the hassle and incompetence he had to deal with to get a standard 20 feet cargo container trough the port of oakland: customs, Homeland Security, Container Security Initiative and everybody else x-rayed, inspected and forgot, lost or just blocked the etoy.TANK about 7 million times as it seams... it took letters from the mayor of san jose, the swiss arts council PRO HELVETIA and the ministry of culture Switzerland (BAK), as well as sliming, crying and shouting plus 700'000 miles of etoy.NERVES.

the etoy.SHARE value collapsed (a 24 months low of $5.10 per etoy.SHARE unit was reached in the night of august first).

only 20 hours ago etoy.ZAI's luggage was already packed in the etoy.TOYOTA where the CEO slept last night - ready to escape the valley to move to san francisco or nevada desert to set up an alternative "festival of art on the edge".

only legendary wanda webb's brute-force emergency management skills and the emotional and intellectual support of the 3 other etoy.AGENTS on site could prevent the second etoy.AMERICAN-SUPERGAU.

analysts forcast stabilization of the situation now as the etoy.INSTALLATION for ISEA 2006 / ZERO ONE is in place and seams to be in acceptable condition after traveling 25.000 miles on trains, vessel and trucks during the last 35 days. only one massive 4 inch deep scratch on top of the container causes headache among etoy.DISPLAY-ENGINEERS.
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ISEA ZERONE invitation letter

official invitation letter from ISEA 2006 / ZERONE jan jose PDF
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