etoy's biggest production of SHARE CERTIFICATES is right now being packed
and shipped to KOREA: a big thank you to etoy.FRED and etoy.AMI - they did
such an accurate and precise job packed with so much enthusiasm -
pictures say more than words! THANK YOU! 


etoy.SHARE transactions update

Dear shareholders,

in a year of crisis, etoy is happy to report that you, our community, heavily contribute to our venture and the etoy.SHARE, our means of sharing risk, gains in popularity and impact.

In a time when other large public Swiss firms struggle with internal support, etoy.AGENTS invest heavily in etoy.SHARES. Management and board members of Swiss Life, Credit Suisse, Zurich Insurance, and Vontobel invested ZERO in additional shares during 2009, they only sold own stock. Non-executive board members of Swiss Life sold 68m CHF worth of their shares in the second half of 2009, while during the same period Credit Suisse executives sold shares of their company for more than 51m CHF (source: NZZ am Sonntag Jan 10, 2010).

etoy.AGENTS and members of management injected in excess of 40,000 USD in new liquidity in 2009 and renewed debt obligations. We're reporting detailed financial figures for 2009 by May 2010.

During the last two months, etoy issued 3180 share units in EYB certificates that could be distributed to agents and new shareholders. We're currently exhibiting new EYB certificates in our tank plant in Zurich Binz and welcome visitors (during evening hours upon prior notice).

As of today, the etoy.VENTURE ASSOCIATION raises the price for one share unit to 20 USD for new investors. Stay tuned for analyst reports on etoy for the upcoming show in San Sebastian, Spain.


Synthetic Times - etoy's favorites

etoy picked a few favorites from the current Synthetic Times show at the National Art Museum of China in four relevant but arguable categories:


all agents agree on this one

Sissel Tolaas' wall with the scent of 11 men under fear. By introducing this "new media" the artist opens up a totally new space for both: deep intellectual reflection at the base of human communications as well as a strong and ultra direct sensual experience. For the etoy.AGENTS this is one of the best and most radical artworks ever. Unfortunately in Beijing Tolaas is not presented in its own separate room which would be necessary to unfold the full potential of this excellent example of:

A) ART IN BETWEEN: super abstract on the visual level, totally intangible in its essence and ultra concrete (REAL - NO FAKE!) on the technical / scientific layer.
B) INTERACTION: people have to rub the wall in order to release the scent (intangible art that you have to touch to release. No mouse / No screen. No visible interface ->just perfect).
C) THE PERVERSION OF THE NATURAL: while smelling is part of our fundamental navigation system it almost always remains undercover and subliminal - as long as a sent is not too penetrating... the fear of 11 men is certainly very penetrating!

... as with every good artwork there are hundreds of other levels that can be discussed... find out yourself! but control your instincts when consuming FEAR11.
and stop breathing when walking by more than 10 times a day! (And don't rub the walls before you had breakfast!!!)


agent haefliger suggests blendid - a collective that built a human-sized scanner that would take anyone's picture and display it on the scan surface seconds after the exposure. It works perfectly fine as tested by museum guards a million times ;-) etoy loves this and takes it as a proof of quality if museum staff gets involved... even if some of the artists dont like it.

agent zai loves Rafael Lozano-Hemmer's work very much. Easy to access, clear but still complex and very unique.

exenomo set up an ego shooter that allows you to shoot random household items out into the green field and create fantastic noise to go with it.


agent haefliger voted for mw2mw, by their own account, built a beautiful wall that sucks in flickr images and blends them beautifully. Possibly as much beauty as art can take.

agent zai prefers Anthony McCall's Light Installation You and I, Horizontal III because it looks so simple and is so complex / advanced at the same time. People love to stare into the light of the projector which turns the work into a masterpiece of bidirectional art. The audience becomes part of the intangible sculpture while the picture on the wall is great - but only one part of the essence. wherever you look inside this system: beauty, intellectual challenge and art history blink back. brilliant!!!

Invest in art today: it's probably the only value investment today with a clear buy and a straight face!

share certificate offer November 2006

Current issue of share certificate 332
Price / investment threshold for all EYB certificates: 500 USD (valid thru November 2006)

certificate no: 332 editions 1/10

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Share issues July 2006

New issues of EYB share certificates. The current offer until August 31 is set 350 USD per certificate, or 450 CHF.

certificate no: 301 editions 1/10

certificate no: 302 editions 1/10

certificate no: 303 editions 1/10

certificate no: 311 editions 1/10

certificate no: 312 editions 1/10

certificate no: 316 editions 1/10

certificate no: 321 editions 1/10                 certificate no: 322 editions 1/10

certificate no: 330 editions 1/10

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All the above certificates are exhibited at the Helmhaus Zurich, from July 21 - September 3, 2006. Visit us there!

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