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After a week without any signal from the Burning Man crew, we just received these images from the desert of nevada. A proof that the delicate electronics of the etoy.SARCOPHAGUS braved the adverse conditions including sandstorms and tremendous heat. According to the report from a crew member, the whole tank could even be powered up by only one generator. We are glad about these good news and proud of our crew for mastering the Burning Man adventure:

Arrival of the tank in the desert, followed by a whiteout.

being the only shade around, the tank is quite popular during day time (when it's closed).

at the base camp.

carl (etoy.FRIEND and camp neighbor), agents brigitte and zai shortly after taking their first shots of laughing gas (yeah, right).

Burning man is full of nerds ("Best piece of contemporary art ever seen at burning man", "Intellectually most rigorous piece on the playa"). On the other hand, tripping Burning Men greatly enjoy the tank as well. agent.ZAI takes a break outside.

agent.VINCENT in his rocket-propelled hunting chair ($ 17.89 at WalMart, greatly recommended! If you're there, pick one up!). The "Temple of Light" may be seen in the background.
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BM06 Tue, 29th-2

tank arrival on the playa.

MANY THANKS to the BM06 crew at the artery, who have been extremely helpful.

BM06 Tue, 29th - 1

etoy.VINCENT taking refuge from a dust storm -- in a portable toilet.
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