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where are we and how to get out of here




ich wett ich het es minarett

etoy.CORPORATION is forced to consider re-entering construction business in switzerland again to challenge narrowness, stupidity and dangerous tendencies to fight complex problems (and strange cultures) with simple / aggressive solutions.

most etoy.AGENTS think, work and party outside of the framework of religions. but the regulation of culture through a national ban on the construction of minarets is not what swiss etoy.AGENTS want.

the etoy.MUEZZIN will call for more tolerance and freedom of expression.

ihre etoy.AGENTEN bauen bereits am aktiven widerstand gegen die selbstmitleidige vereinsamung und verbloedung der eidgenossenschaft.
( gibt kein ruhiges hinterland!)

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Book by Alexander Klose Das Container-Prinzip is out

Alexander Klose's new book looks suuuper interesting and i wonder when i get a few days off to study the 320 pages in detail!

Dieses Buch ist überfällig und notwendig. Es entziffert unsere Kultur des 21. Jahrhunderts, eine Container- Kultur , deren Prinzipien unser alltägliches Schicksal bestimmen. (Joseph Vogl)

the book is based on Klose's dissertation. in 2005 fabio gramazio represented etoy in a conference organized by klose and volksbuehne berlin because i could not attend (still regret that so much).

get the book here for 20 euro

an english translation hopefully follows


emergency exit meets fire marshall's code now

hebeschiebetuer and big window for tank17 arrived from hungary today. etoy.TANK-PLANT BINZ is 0.75t more heavy. management wellnes level is expected to increase by 17.667%. etoy.STOCK went up 0.1% today. market is still open: place your bids!

MOST IMPORTANT: after another construction session next week (after the opening of the show IM ANFANG WAR DAS WORT / this sunday) we will be fully compatible with zurich's fire and rescue regulations.


current situation etoy.IMPLANTANT

on november 3rd the manifesta tank will complete the situation!

looking forward - it's going to be a about 170 square meter 2 container high

urban implant.


etoy.TANK melt-down

that's what you get if you place etoy.TANKS too close to the sun or other heating
devices: sculptural object. value: priceless.

test object: 1:87 HO-SCALE MODEL CONTAINER high cube.
heating device: butan gas burner on maximum capacity.
test pilot: agent zai (outside HO-SCALE TANK).

never forget: etoy goes where none else can go

the show must go!

click image to enlarge
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voelklingen etoy.TANKLANDING 2007
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urban IMPLANT: etoy is going organic

there we go. here we grow. -> first etoy.TANK at raeffelstr 28 / Zuerich. the first brick of the new studio and research plant for a better life and a new breed of art.

One of four etoy.TANKS was placed on Tuesday 18.9.2007 to build the base for further construction.

Thanks to Swiss Life and Steff Fischer from Fischer Liegenschaften Zuerich for the trust in etoy.CORPORATION. It is great to know that even in hard times, when project funding for art on the edge seams almost impossible, there are brave individuals and companies out there who help with space, passion and time to turn ARTISTIC VISIONS INTO REALITY.

Thanks as well to Miriam Zehnder,, Rosmarie Mueller and Marc Angst from NRS Team, Ruedi Zai, Rahel Kamber (Wirtschaftsfoerderung Zürich), Paul Baumann (Praesidial Dept. Zuerich) and Lehrmittelverlag des Kantons Zurich for their network, ideas and energy. Kisses to all etoy.AGENTS working for art shares instead of old fashioned money. Greatings to Robert Anton Wilson and his peers in all 8 dimensions.


How to build an etoy.TANK - Part One

etoy.CEO agent.Zai and etoy.INTERN agent.MAKI are showing how
to customize your shipping-container into an original etoy.TANK.
A welding apparatus, a plasma cutter, some grinding machines and
a lot of steel are needed for the modification.

Here you can watch how to do it in motion pictures.

agent.ZAI welding
agent.ZAI is welding the reinforcing element, also called the
tank.BACKBONE, to the conatainer roof. Because the endwalls
are cut out to the half on two sites the container loses a lot of
stability. With this construction the etoy.TANK shouldn't collapse
when it is liftet.

etoy.TANK voelklingen etoy.TANK voelklingen
Here is how you and your contanier should look like after the
etoy.TANK rebuilding Part One.
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