etoy is gearing up for another research trip to italy. this time 7 etoy.AGENTS (monorom, silvan, tabea, maja, pol, alberto and zai) flying in from cambridge, berlin, zurich and basle will explore memory culture, loss and decay at pollinaria, an experimental biofarming project in the region called abruzzo. together with 20 workshop participants the MISSION ETERNITY ground crew plans to take the long term project a step further.

a part of the abruzzo was hit by a massive earthquake last month. the destructive aspect of nature and mans strategies to fight, resist, use, and cope with this strong forces will be of interrest for etoy.

from the pollinaria website:



the PLAN:


etoy lecture and workshop at mediamatic amsterdam

TODAY, Thursday 12 March 2009 at 20:00 hrs, art group Etoy will give a lecture at Mediamatic in Amsterdam as part of the Ik R.I.P. exhibition evening programme. With their long term project MISSION ETERNITY, Etoy explores life after death. We all know that we leave behind mortal remains and a massive body of information. Etoy exploits computer technology to store and process these human remains forever. The lecture will be an introduction into Etoy's work and into the conceptual ideas behind this project.

On Friday 13 March 2009, Etoy presents a Digital Stowaway workshop at Mediamatic. Agent Zai, a founding member of Etoy and one of the key figures in the production of MISSION ETERNITY, invites participants (age 5 to +99) on a eternal trip through space and time...

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