webserver for you cell phone

VS HTTPD is a webserver for your mobile (symbian series 60) phone!

...The main purpose of the application is to provide web access to images stored on the phone. In this way you can allow friends and family browse the photos and select the ones they would like to get (pull), rather than sending (or pushing) them a photo. The application dynamically generates the photo page each time it is requested by a web browser...


Interesting (but more expensive??) alternative to the normal way of mobloging.. Now we can see what kind of photos you REALLY take..

what's mobloging?


share a tune, go to jail

Our friends at wired report that sharing music may turn into a mighty expensive hobby.

A new bill proposed in Congress on Wednesday would land a person in prison for five years and impose a fine of $250,000 for uploading a single file to a peer-to-peer network.

The bill was introduced by Reps. John Conyers Jr. (D-Mich.) and Howard Berman (D-Calif.). They said the bill is designed to increase domestic and international enforcement of copyright laws.

You may want to consider such information next time such politicians for sale come up for election.


Virginia anti-spam law

The state of Virginia has just passed a new anti-spam law, described by the New York Times below:

"The new statute adds criminal penalties for fraudulent, high-volume spammers. It outlaws practices like forging the return address line of an e-mail message or hacking a computer to send spam surreptitiously. Those found guilty of sending more than 10,000 such deceptive e-mail messages in one day would be subject to a prison term of one to five years and forfeiture of profits and assets connected with these activities."

It's nice to know lawmakers are getting the message, even though I suspect this law will have little if any effect on virgina spam traffic.


Apple news & iSight

as one of the two resident mac users at etoy, im excited to hear about the new iChat / iSight software which looks like a very simple and easy to use video conferencing system, finally! but i have yet to test the video (im running the new software but with no camera attached).

apple is also producing a sexy new camera (auto-focusing / auto-exposure F/2.8 lens) to match the style of the new G5 which was recently announced.

its too bad that it only works on the mac os. i have been looking for a good cross platform video-conferencing system but so far i am empty-handed. does anybody know of a reliable solution? links would be much appreciated.


#etoy channel on IRC

The etoy.VC-GROUP now has an IRC channel. This will exist in parallel to the etoy blog and provide a different atomosphere to dicuss ideas and hang out. Its the first step. Bring your bot.

To join the etoy IRC channel use any of the following clients (listed below) to connect to the freenode server and then join the channel #etoy IRC Chat Clients


Mac OS X Clients
X-Chat Aqua *what i use


LINUX Clients

 Permalink must become THE PIPE & BRAIN.

after organizing, following or/and leading discussions in connection with etoy and related projects for a while i'm convinced that our communication platform must be based on a high level of organizational intelligence as it is our interface to a growing but somehow very loose community (which is cool, interesting, dangerous and powerful). i dont have plans to strictly organize the group of interesting and valuable people that surrounds the etoy.BRAND today. i like and belive in the loose and fast network built around a very stable cultural brand.

i do not want to be and can not be the center of all etoy discussions. especially email -in my eyes- is not the way to go. it simply kills us. - currently based on movable type - seams much more effective. for example: people like stefan can tune in and out... marcos can get a fast overview of what's going on to be able to help me to work on the etoy.ORGANIZATION...etc

in general: agents can jump into the structure and work their way into the core of a topic or project as much as they want or need to.

the glue between all of us must be a smart, effective AND entertaining system.

such a system - if people really use it - could become a radical and revolutionary "machine" to generate cultural value and very intense art (or a new breed!)

more concrete ideas later today. i have to get the tanks on the roof ;-)

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