Robots are coming

Gestern am IDSC der ETH - Eindrückliche Präsentationen von verschiedenen Robotern bzw. Experimenten mit Kontroll- und Regelungsalgorithmen -

ein Roboter der jongliert

einer der seine 50 kg auf einer Spitze endlos balanciert

und welche die mit uns Ball spielen!

und daneben stosse ich auf ein Zitat von Sherry Turkle auf eine Frage vom MAGAZIN:
Warum können uns Roboter und virtuelle Welten so verführen?
Weil sie auf unsere Defizite zielen.
(Sherry Turkle im DAS MAGAZIN, 26/2012)

Danke Raphael Rogenmoser fürs Organisieren!



Here's an example code of how playing soundfiles on certain channels on your soundDevice.

In this case i worked on osx 10.6 and used the soundcard MAYA44 USB.
I import JSyn library into the environment, so I will be able to interact with microcontroller easily.

Some things you need to do:
- get the JSyn library and put it in the right place
- I needed to do some JAVA-Adjustments to make it work. I use JAVA SE 6 / 32-Bit
- maybe you need to Audio-MIDI setup

The code is not that cleaned out and dynamic as it could be, but it works for a start.

Here's the proccesingPackage


Angel-App Functional Prototype Finished

We are pleased to announce that MISSION ETERNITY's angel-app is passing all core tests, and can therefore now be considered to be in a functional prototype state. It is currently undergoing an extensive testing and refinement phase inside etoy, followed by the development of a minimal GUI, at which point a beta-quality end user release for Mac OS X and open-source unices will be prepared.

Expected duration until alpha-release: 2-4 weeks.

Expected duration until beta-release: 1-2 months.

Kind regards,
etoy.VINCENT, etoy.POL

Consolidation of blogtools at etoy

During the past years, the internal blog based on the Flux-CMS became the main information hub for internal communications at etoy. The public feed was technically separated and handled by another tool (with the consequence that everybody involved required knowledge about two systems). The new setup - again based on the Flux-CMS - allows to maintain the public-, as well as the internal blog from within the same system. The content gets delivered according to simple state and permission rules that are manually adjustable by the users (which is a default feature of Flux-CMS btw. ).
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bad boys, no?

quoting a quote quoted on LtU:
One of the cool things about Second Life is that players can create new kinds of objects, by writing small programs in a special scripting language to describe how the objects should behave, and then launching objects into the world.

Things got really out of hand when the W-Hats created a doomsday device. It looked like a harmless little orb, but it was programmed to make copies of itself, repeatedly. The single object split into two. Then each of those split, and there were four. Then eight, and sixteen, and so on to infinity.
weapons of mass destruction launched in a virtual world by people spending their time in a virtual home consisting mostly of swastikas and giant floating penises. is the web finally coming of age?


how much is your blog worth?

as picked up on Don Park's blog. Good fun, though i'm not sure we should be happy with our ~17 k$ ...
My blog is worth $16,936.20.
How much is your blog worth?



OK, so what’s iFolder? Basically, it’s a Novell technology that automagically synchronizes files on disparate computers … in the background, without you having to worry about a thing. Pretty cool stuff. It’s included with the latest versions of SUSE, of course, but it isn’t yet bundled with other distros.
sounds pretty kewl. i'll be sinking my teeth into it at the next possible moment and see if this fixes some of etoy's data synchronization and storage problems... welcome.


monoroms CSS intensivstation is online

after intense preparation the valuable code collection is now online.

in valid code she trusts - for a cascading future she fights hard!

visit monoroms emergency room:

soon in english as well. thanks to gregor rothfuss.

congratulations monorom!
lots of trackbacks, geeks and pixels for you!


apple expo -- paris

visitors at the apple expo in paris were very interested in what apple had to say about the sudden integration of etoy. apple fans were very curious as apple representatives tried to explain the unexpected change in strategy.


meanwhile, etoy agents were able to secretly modify the new G5 prior to shipment.



etoy switches to KAYWA

the etoy.CORPORATION welcomes KAYWA as the official sponsor of all etoy blogging systems.

as a distributed global network the etoy.CORPORATION has long faced the challenge of creating a liquid flow of assets (knowledge, info, power, expertise, and resources) between etoy.AGENTS, over the net, and from one etoy.TANK to another.

the KAYWA blog platform provides a perfect solutions to the problem of managing knowledge in this distributed context. As a collaborative tool blogs unlock, transfer, and mediate latent knowledge among the etoy.CREW and the general public.

given the current blogging culture, switching from Moveable Type to KAWYA may be seen as a political statement. Since 1994 etoy has developed software solutions, internal and external, to channel and sync communications with a global audience. experience has shown that the most effective systems are the ones which are most open - which have the ability to morph, grow, evolve, plug-in & plug-out.

the KAWYA architecture symbolizes this flexibility. with a background in science, technology and design KAYWAY is a natural partner for etoy.

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