Project Blackbox

Suns answer to ever increasing demands for space for datacenter infrastructure and the costs involved: A 20 ft. cargo container packed with 8 standard serverracks and efficient cooling and power mechanisms.


[by way of gregor]

MISSION ETERNITY m221e_20ft isolation

isolation (putex AL 20mm geklebt)
lattung 60x60mm
isolation/speichermasse (pavatherm 60mm)
dampfsperre verklebt (sager dampfbremse weiss)
OSB platten 21mm

lattung 80x100mm
isolation (saglan sb 22 80mm)
dampfsperre verklebt (sager dampfbremse weiss)
OSB platten 21mm


m221e_20ft spezifikationen

länge 6058mm
breite 2438mm
höhe 2591mm
gewicht leer 2.17t
gewicht ausbau/isolation ca. 1.5t


M∞ TANK arrived in Zürich


etoy.TANK17 landed in Zürich


etoy.TANK leaves PLATOON site in Berlin

Preparations during Monday morning on the PLATOON site...

The the crane is there and the goodbye from our friends at PLATOON nears

The PAINSTATION well secured for the trip to Zurich, Kaserne.

Goodbye dear friends from PLATOON and see you in Zurich!
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LOT-EK MDU container

Last weekend I went to see the LOT-EK exhibition at UCSB (university of california santa barbara). LOT-EK has developed their MDU (mobile dwelling unit) container system as a solution to nomadic global culture. Like much of their work the solution is resourceful, well crafted and involves an intelligent use of technology and materials.

One shipping container is transformed into a Mobile Dwelling Unit. Cuts in the metal walls of the container generate extruded sub-volumes, each encapsulating one live, work or storage function. When traveling, these sub-volumes are pushed in, filling the entire container, with each other and leaving the outer skin of the container flush to allow worldwide standardized shipping.

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