Ales Steger in Zurich

I just looked inside the gallery where the poet - the husband of our agent MAJA PETROVIC-STEGER was reading his words to quite a crowd next to the ice cold floating river: here the article from the tagesanzeiger about him, and the latest book to order.


one of our great supporters in DUBAI

he talks about "agile developement" "startup ecology" "virality" and something very important: invest in failure. 10 big failures had to happen until google came. thanks joichi, for today, that's such a helpful advice to me.

TEDx Dubai 2009 - Joichi Ito from Giorgio Ungania on Vimeo.


Die HIRN-lein collection

directly from the etoy.ART-COLLECTION: anrufbeantworter-kunst aus den 90er jahren !

digitally remastered for the show "PRONTO! ueber Telefonie" at plugin basel
03.09.2009 bis 08.11.2009 With: !Mediengruppe Bitnik (CH), Heath Bunting (UK), CADA (PT), Christian Croft/Andrew Schneider (USA), Fabio Gramazio/Martin Kubli/Daniel Udatny/Michel Zai (CH), Graham Harwood/Richard Wright/Matsuko Yokokoji (UK), Crispin Jones/IDEO (UK), Christian Marclay (USA), Lisa Parks (USA), Unsworn Industries (SE)

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derrick ist tot. meine kindheit ist zu ende.

one more pioneer of the information age left reality behind without signing a mission eternity post mortem contract. i'm glad horst tappert created his own arcanum capsule. eine epoche geht zu ende. gut so & danke fuer die schoene zeit.


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Golden bunny for B-O-B the builder

Gramazio & Kohler's B-O-B and the Installation «Structrual Oscillatioins» for this years Venice Biennale has won the golden Bunny in the Category Design. Congratulations from the etoy.CORPORATION!



our old friends, fellow investors and sometimes opponents from the yesmen are now in the mass media business as i just saw in the local new paper when i got my saturday haircut ;-)

hijacking NY TIMES (german article in FAZ)

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h plus magazine online

legendary r.u. sirius just sent me the press release for his new mag: h+

looks like a must read for all MISSION ETERNITY ANGELS, PILOTS and etoy.SPECIAL-AGENTS!


PRESS RELEASE: h+, a new web-based quarterly magazine announces launch

contact directly: Editor, R.U. Sirius 415.272.0870
Publisher, James Clement (Humanit Plus)  407.222.8349

Are you ready to be fitted for your Ironman suit? Is it time to stop aging, upload your memories onto silicon and engineer your progeny to be happy geniuses? Can we get you a real hamburger that wasn't made from a slaughtered cow? (And do you want fries with that)? Well, roll over Anderson Cooper and tell Perez Hilton the news.

h+ magazine has arrived and the future already looks different.

Humanity Plus (formerly the World Transhumanist Association) – in collaboration with former Mondo 2000 editor RU Sirius --  is pleased to present h+. A web-based quarterly magazine, h+ covers the scientific, technological, and cultural developments that are challenging and overcoming human limitations.

Recently, there has been a growing and evolving public discourse about new technological trends and possibilities. Scientists and edge thinkers are talking about– and working on  -- slowing or ending aging; body and brain enhancement; biological control of the genome and the evolutionary process; and the possibility of a technological singularity brought on by AI… to name just a few of the interests and obsessions of this new edge tech culture. h+ magazine is all over it.

Beautifully designed by virtual worlds artistic legend D.C. Spensley (AKA DanCoyote in Second Life), h+ is accessible, stylish, contemporary, and sometimes playful. h+ aims to provides an entry point for intelligent people to develop an awareness of this new technological paradigm, while also providing an outlet and a voice for those who are already hooked in to the "transhumanist" vision.

Featuring interviews with science fiction author Charlie Stross and anti-aging legend Aubrey de Grey, issue #1 of h+ magazine is now at


The diluted canon?

In a smart article in today's NZZ Joachim Güntner writes about the impact of digital content on publishing, the end of authoritative selection and the lost need for transcription across media. The canon, the idea of consistency in a literary tradition, loses its grip on our worlds of thought as no authority selects fit and unfit content. This is good news, of course. It implies freedom of thought, individual expression, democratization of content and many other things we cherish about the Internet. The downside is that nobody can actually inherit a tradition, and the recognized link to a tradition used to guarantee impact!

A few questions for etoy's work:
MISSION ETERNITY is explicity about creating a tradition. What are our chances of success (impact) in a pluralistic, multi-lingual, media madness?
Traditions are either bound to authority or built on collectively established quality measures. Discounting the former, how can we achieve the latter? Two simple answers come to mind: First, it takes time. Second, our aesthetic vision, the depth that extends beyond the mere structures we build, and our collective creativity might just break through. It's going to be more hard work.

Hence another link: The current issue of Harvard Business Review features a great article on collective creativity at Pixar. For those of us who've worked with etoy for a while we'll recognize striking similarities. No, not market penetration. In fact, the process of arriving at creative solutions in a team is extremely similar: the open conversations, the adviser boards, the stupid questions, the downplay of ego, and the intense listening by people who have extensive experience but know well that reinventing oneself for every new work takes immense risks.

router sweltering under Bolzano sky

Because we "only" have a Wifi connection to TANK-8 in Bolzano, we put a router serving as client on top of the TANK to ensure a somewhat reliable connection to the factory building containing the actual access point. Cargo containers tend to be very good shields, so having a Wifi-client in direct line of sight was necessary.

This is what the device looks like after 2 weeks of an average temperature of 33 centigrade during daytime:

How to resist the power of the sun? Hm. Anyone any ideas?
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no free (legal) hugs in beijing

FREE HUGGIN in beijing seams to be a problem... ;-)
just like burning hell money and promoting "exchange" with national institutions.

but most other stuff is more free than we expected. so far.
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