Transnational Republics visiting etoy.General-Meeting 2010

Transnational Republics, Red Hat Evangelist JAN WILDEBOER, and Edwina Blush were part of the etoy.VENTURE ASSOCIATION General meeting 2010.

Transnational Republics opend the Immigration Office.

Edwina Blush did burn MISSION ETERNITY hell bank notes.


The long work night in Heiligkreuz

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Up at 1400 meters above sea levels, 10 etoy.AGENTS met at Heiligkreuz First for the 2009 General Meeting. They discussed a large book project, financial statements, strategy, and crucially, distributed etoy.SHARES based on individual contributions such as welding, writing, networking, nerding, cooking, coding, bookkeeping, blogging, documenting, and many other tasks.

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Pollinaria 2009 press release

Gathering individual human digital traces, noise and dust, to release them into eternity

Pollinaria, Italy, MAY 9-10, 2009 

Pollinaria, members of etoy.CORPORATION and key figures in the production of MISSION ETERNITY invite you on an eternal trip thru space and time. After an introduction into the conceptual and technical aspects of MISSION ETERNITY - etoy's attempt to hack the ultimate boundary (the deadline) - the etoy.AGENTS will assist each person to design and construct a MINI ARCANUM CAPSULE. At the end of the workshop a unique data collection of 32MB from each participant will be inserted into the MISSION ETERNITY STOWAWAY STORAGE. The system tries to keep the data alive forever by endless processes of copying in the social network of MISSION ETERNITY ANGELS (currently 1132 people who donate a part of their free hard disk space to the mission).

Each ARCANUM CAPSULE contains digital traces of one individual: voice samples, drawings, ASCII notes, photos, official documents or any other data that can be stored in open formats. The special kind of (self-)portrait is an artistic approach to learn more about electronic memory culture: collecting, selecting, storing, passing on or forgetting information. At the same time it is a tool to investigate afterlife, the most virtual of all worlds.

ARCANUM CAPSULES will travel time and space forever after the death of each PASSENGER.

At pollinaria etoy will exclusively provide the technical equipment and know how to record an electrocardiogram (ECG) that will constitute an additional resource for the MINI ARCANUM CAPSULES. The goal is to develop an artistic manifestation, installation, webapplication or story that deals with this fundamental set of live/life data.

The visual representation of information, in the form of an ECG, is the exact equivalent of an artistic drawing - it prompts for a response from "others", as the result of the expression of our deepest manifestations of existence. Therefore, the ECG report is one of many fundamental components of a MISSION ETERNITY PILOT’s self-portrait. The cycle of transformations is extended into the digitalization of the ECG drawing and/or the digital storage of cardio-electrical information, so completing the ARCANUM CAPSULE, which may enable the reverse engineering of certain aspects of a human body travelling through time and space... for eternity.

Disclaimer: MISSION ETERNITY is an artistic venture that is highly questionable and requires open minded test pilots. Admission: ages 5 to 99+ years

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Impressions from the GENERAL MEETING 2008 at manifesta7 in Bolzano


Misty Morning on the Lake of Neuchâtel

Misty Lake of Neuchâtel
Charging the batteries for the etoy.GENERAL-MEETING 2006 in La Corbière.
btw: I thought the Lake of Neuchatêl is much bigger ... and deeper...

Retreat in La Corbière

Thanks to our CFO agent.BALMER's affiliations, the etoy.CREW works in the idyllic retreat location in La Corbière. The meditative sound of sheep bells enhances and harmonizes the etoy.WORK-FLOW.


The etoy.GENERAL-MEETING was held at La Claustra on July 30 and 31. In an oasis of calm and granite inside the Swiss alpine massif Gotthard, etoy.CORPORATION found a perfect environment to deal with current business issues and personnel decisions. A military shelter-turned-seminar location, La Claustra offers an impeccable infrastructure that boosts a secluded working atmosphere, elegant dining, fine cuisine and the services of a spa resort. everything inside the rock.

The following etoy.AGENTS attended the meeting:
etoy.ZAI, etoy.KUBLI, etoy.GRAMAZIO, etoy.ROCKET, etoy.THOMMY, etoy.SILVAN, etoy.MONOROM, etoy.MARCOS, etoy.BEN, etoy.NEWTRON, etoy.HAEFLIGER, etoy.TG, etoy.MIR, etoy.GENE.

A lengthy discussion on financial issues lead to the decision of a complete conversion of dept and subsequent refinancing. etoy.CORPORATION receives funding through private and institutional investors and shareholders, public funds, cultural institutions, and corporate sponsors through alliances. At considerable length, etoy.AGENTS carved out new or improved funding and investment strategies that serve both etoy.CORPORATION and our partners.

etoy.CORE-AGENTS form the management of etoy.CORPORATION. The following management positions could be filled for the next year:
CEO: etoy.ZAI
Investor relations: etoy.HAEFLIGER
The position of CTO could not be filled at this point and etoy.CORPORATION is considering applications. etoy.TG assumes the office of CTO interim.

The board of the etoy.VENTURE-ASSOCIATION consists of the President: etoy.GRAMAZIO, the Vice-President: etoy.ZAI, and the Treasurer: etoy.MARCOS.

A visionary session involved all etoy.AGENTS in planning activities for the next year. Besides the current operations at the MFO park in Zurich, other projects are being launched to directly benefit shareholders by providing them with a constant stream of cultural value made by etoy.CORPORATION. For reasons of confidentiality, further details will be disclosed upon successful negotiations with partners.

etoy.CORPORATION wishes to thank Jean Odermatt of La Claustra and his crew for the hosting and all the support during the general meeting.

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