Dear shareholders of etoy.CORPORATION SA,

I would like to invite you to the general assembly on Saturday August 18, 2007 from 10 a.m. to noon in Môtiers, Neuchâtel, Switzerland.
The meeting location is the Hôtel des Six-Communes, 2112 Môtiers

Agenda starting at 10:00 a.m.
Address of the president
Address of the CEO
Presentation of the financial statements for 2006
Discharge of the board of directors
Election of the board of directors (for 2 year terms)
12:00 p.m. End of the meeting
If you would like to add agenda items please notify the president. In case you cannot participate, you may ask another shareholder or board member of your trust to represent you.

Join the meeting and spend the rest of the day touring the "môtiers 2007" exhibition! The open air art exhibition features famous Swiss contemporary positions and offers the scenery of Val de Travers to be discovered.

with kind regards
President of etoy.CORPORATION SA

Information for those of you who'd like to spend the weekend in Môtiers:

Hôtel National à Môtiers tel. +41 32 861 40 23

alt: à Couvet, l'Hôtel de l'Aigle et le Central. C'est le même propriétaire: M. Wyss. On cherche la clé du Central à l'Aigle et on prend le petit déjeuner aussi à l'Aigle.

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Timothy Leary to join MISSION ETERNITY

In a historical voting, the etoy.SHAREHOLDERS decided to include Timothy Leary into MISSION ETERNITY. As the first mortal remains TEST PILOT, Timothy Leary's ashes will enter the MISSION ETERNITY SARCOPHAGUS in Zurich next week (according to schedule).
Representing 85.11% of the etoy.SHARES, 48 shareholders voted in favor of including Timothy Leary, 4 against, and 6 undecided.

etoy welcomes TEST PILOT TIMOTHY LEARY to the etoy.UNIVERSE!
The discussion surrounding the voting can be read here.

etoy's server connection on steroids

Thanks to Netzwirt and Gassi, etoy's server is now connected to a 100Mbit glass fibre link. After cablecom initially `forgot' to set half of the required routes and records, the availabilty of the server appeared to be very volatile at the beginning of the week. Since these problems are solved, is responding correctly again from around the world and may serve you with remarkably increased bandwidth!
Thanks again to Gassi for his great efforts.


etoy is looking for a new CFO

Apologies to our English-only readers: we're advertising the position locally because the CFO needs to be Swiss-based, preferrably Zurich.

Für unsere Kunstproduktion, und speziell hinsichtlich des aktuellen Grossprojekts MISSION ETERNITY, suchen wir eine kommunikative Managerin/einen Manager als CFO, die mit Finanzen umzugehen weiss, in Zusammenarbeit Budgets erstellen kann und sich im Management Team integriert. Bei Interesse, aber nicht notwendigerweise, wird die direkte Einbindung in die (Kunst-)Produktion von uns gefördert, was auch Reisetätigkeit mit sich bringt. Diese Stelle ist nicht direkt mit dem Sponsoring verknüpft. Um die Aufgabe für einen Einstieg in die Kunstproduktion zu ermöglichen, schätzen wir den Aufwand insgesamt auf ca. 1 bis 3 Tage im Monat.

Position: Chief Financial Officer
Zeithorizont: ab März 2007.
Vergütung: etoy.SHARES, agent status

Please apply to:
investor relations


share certificate offer November 2006

Current issue of share certificate 332
Price / investment threshold for all EYB certificates: 500 USD (valid thru November 2006)

certificate no: 332 editions 1/10

Find more available certificate issues.
Visit the etoy.HISTORY

Share issues July 2006

New issues of EYB share certificates. The current offer until August 31 is set 350 USD per certificate, or 450 CHF.

certificate no: 301 editions 1/10

certificate no: 302 editions 1/10

certificate no: 303 editions 1/10

certificate no: 311 editions 1/10

certificate no: 312 editions 1/10

certificate no: 316 editions 1/10

certificate no: 321 editions 1/10                 certificate no: 322 editions 1/10

certificate no: 330 editions 1/10

To order certificates, please contact investATirDOTetoyDOTcom
All the above certificates are exhibited at the Helmhaus Zurich, from July 21 - September 3, 2006. Visit us there!

The etoy.HISTORY visualizes the past performance of the etoy.SHARE. Many more certificates document etoy's past and present.

Negotiations with The Body Shop

etoy currently negotiates with The Body Shop about an investment in our Day Care activities connected with their Charity Campaign 2006.


etoy.CORPORATION launched a new content management system that integrates almost the entire etoy.UNIVERSE online. It has been developed by etoy.CODERS and is entirely based on the Flux-CMS. The new system features state-of-the-art content management tools, easy accessibility for the agents, and an internal knowledge management system for the coordination and archiving of all etoy.OPERATIONS.

A brand new history section highlights etoy.CORPORATION's past activities and informs investors and users about past events and value creation. the etoy.HISTORY represents the long path through art history that enables the current etoy.CREW to stand on the shoulders of giants. Once more, etoy moves faster than others to provide an archive for net art and a reference of past performance geared to the future.

etoy.INTERNAL-AFFAIRS offers an updated access to past activities with new categories and an efficient search tool to locate and browse etoy's news and research cache. For these changes, we were forced to accept some URI changes for which we apologize to the users.

enjoy the etoy.SITE!

CANON is starting to work with etoy

etoy welcomes CANON on board! CANON contributes to our new ventures in Bienne and Zurich.
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lausanne 17.1.2006

etoy.BALMER... what an agent name!

pls do not confuse etoy.BALMER with the billionaire monkey freak microsoft.BALMER

etoy.BALMER has a background in culture management (diploma from the university of basel) and joins the etoy.CREW as candidate for the CFO position. he is currently in test mode so we can find out if he fits into the team. the first impression is very good: mr. balmer seams to be a serious but at the same time twisted person with a good feeling for the etoy.CODE. he and his family stay in bern.

in the past balmer directed the well known event location dampfzentrale in bern (for 10 years) and in this context organized more than 4000 events.

etoy.CORPORATION hopes to profit from balmers experience and management skills.

etoy.HAEFLIGER placed a job offering looking for a person with balmers profile on various websites and info boards. other candidates with interesting profiles responded. the management currently discusses job opportunities with 3 other candidates. at this moment etoy offers a position as assistant of the ceo and various jobs in the sponsoring /
public relation sector.

i'm looking forward to work with etoy.BALMER and
your CEO / etoy.ZAI
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