good news for etoy from the china market

just got the news from Zhang Ga:

Synthetic Times was awarded the jury grand award of Art China 2009 - The Most Influential Participants of Chinese Art, in the category of best exhibitions of 2009.
Other awardees  were Cai Guoqiang: I want to Believe, a Guggenheim traveling exhibition curated by Thomas Krens and Alexandra Monroe, and Dun Huang, curated by Fan DiAn. Among the nominees were, Shanghai Biennale, Guangdong Triennale, etc.

The Award ceremony took place at the Museum of Central Academy of Fine Arts in Beijing on Feb 28th 2009.艺术中国- 现场图集 &column_name=现场图集&Ord=8


Swiss Life at the etoy.IMPLANTAT

Today a group of people from Swiss Life visited the etoy.IMPLANTAT for drinks and a tour through the etoy.UNIVERSE. Swiss Life owns the land and offers space for etoy's headquarter tanks to work and meet and dream in a part of the city that resembles a park, only more ferocious and lush.

Barbara Beccaro, agent.HAEFLIGER (holding the gift chocolate sarcophagus), Francine Progin


etoy invades ARCO 08 Madrid! After a total failure to convince any art dealer to trade art with etoy.SHARES in 2004, we're back.

With the MISSION ETERNITY SARCOPHAGUS, the art fair ARCO in Madrid receives an installation at its gates that connects the living art world with the dead.

From an economic perspective, etoy invades a contemporary art market driven more than ever by shiny names, fat parties, and cynical capitalism. By offering the etoy.SHARE we invite direct and unmediated participation in art production. More obvious than four years ago, MISSION ETERNITY provides the radical backdrop for etoy's call for risk sharing. Daring art collectors and investors can share the risks of art production, without middlemen: just down-to-earth investments in an art company that works out a new way to deal with memory (conservation/loss), time (future/present/past) and death.

If you wish to participate in radical art, share the risks of creating ground-breaking, jaw-dropping innovation: etoy is your investment opportunity. If you're sick of plunging banking stocks, flawed compensation schemes, and abstract blah about fine arts: etoy goes where traditional artists, companies and individuals cannot afford or risk to go.
Join us now!

Madrid ARCO 08, Feb 13 - 18, 2008
How to get there: open airline seats from Zurich start at 153 euro / from Berlin at 205 euro / from Paris at 111 euro
Where to stay: etoy.AGENTS reside at the Tryp Menfis Hotel, Mardid


By invitation of the Telefonica Foundation

Bus trip Môtiers - CANCELED

etoy invites you to visit "art en plein air môtiers 2007"

On Saturday September 1, 2007, Môtiers, Neuchâtel, Switzerland


Join etoy.AGENTS on a day out in the green hiking trails, waterfalls, power plants, black holes, absinth, lush forests and art in open air. Book this day in your calendar for a special tour to Môtiers together with etoy.

On exhibit in Môtiers: MISSION ETERNITY SARCOPHAGUS with the TERMINUS containing the mortal remains of Timothy Leary: Accessible to the public from June 23 to September 23 daily from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. except Mondays.

Over 90 artistic positions: for example John Armleder, Roman Signer, Sylvie Fleury, L/B, Christoph Draeger, San Keller, Günther Förg, and Katja Schenker (etoy's favorite!).

Sign up by sending an email with your name and contact information to pressATirDOTetoyDOTcom or by leaving a comment here.
Sign up for the bus trip as early as possible since seats are limited! The flat-rate fee for the day is 100 CHF.



Dear shareholders of etoy.CORPORATION SA,

I would like to invite you to the general assembly on Saturday August 18, 2007 from 10 a.m. to noon in Môtiers, Neuchâtel, Switzerland.
The meeting location is the Hôtel des Six-Communes, 2112 Môtiers

Agenda starting at 10:00 a.m.
Address of the president
Address of the CEO
Presentation of the financial statements for 2006
Discharge of the board of directors
Election of the board of directors (for 2 year terms)
12:00 p.m. End of the meeting
If you would like to add agenda items please notify the president. In case you cannot participate, you may ask another shareholder or board member of your trust to represent you.

Join the meeting and spend the rest of the day touring the "môtiers 2007" exhibition! The open air art exhibition features famous Swiss contemporary positions and offers the scenery of Val de Travers to be discovered.

with kind regards
President of etoy.CORPORATION SA

Information for those of you who'd like to spend the weekend in Môtiers:

Hôtel National à Môtiers tel. +41 32 861 40 23

alt: à Couvet, l'Hôtel de l'Aigle et le Central. C'est le même propriétaire: M. Wyss. On cherche la clé du Central à l'Aigle et on prend le petit déjeuner aussi à l'Aigle.

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Timothy Leary to join MISSION ETERNITY

In a historical voting, the etoy.SHAREHOLDERS decided to include Timothy Leary into MISSION ETERNITY. As the first mortal remains TEST PILOT, Timothy Leary's ashes will enter the MISSION ETERNITY SARCOPHAGUS in Zurich next week (according to schedule).
Representing 85.11% of the etoy.SHARES, 48 shareholders voted in favor of including Timothy Leary, 4 against, and 6 undecided.

etoy welcomes TEST PILOT TIMOTHY LEARY to the etoy.UNIVERSE!
The discussion surrounding the voting can be read here.

share certificate offer November 2006

Current issue of share certificate 332
Price / investment threshold for all EYB certificates: 500 USD (valid thru November 2006)

certificate no: 332 editions 1/10

Find more available certificate issues.
Visit the etoy.HISTORY

Share issues July 2006

New issues of EYB share certificates. The current offer until August 31 is set 350 USD per certificate, or 450 CHF.

certificate no: 301 editions 1/10

certificate no: 302 editions 1/10

certificate no: 303 editions 1/10

certificate no: 311 editions 1/10

certificate no: 312 editions 1/10

certificate no: 316 editions 1/10

certificate no: 321 editions 1/10                 certificate no: 322 editions 1/10

certificate no: 330 editions 1/10

To order certificates, please contact investATirDOTetoyDOTcom
All the above certificates are exhibited at the Helmhaus Zurich, from July 21 - September 3, 2006. Visit us there!

The etoy.HISTORY visualizes the past performance of the etoy.SHARE. Many more certificates document etoy's past and present.

Negotiations with The Body Shop

etoy currently negotiates with The Body Shop about an investment in our Day Care activities connected with their Charity Campaign 2006.


information & invitation for etoy.INVESTORS


the adventurous landing of one etoy.STUDIO&LIVING-TANK on top of PLATOON-CAMP No1 in berlin mitte (weinmeisterstrasse 3 / 2 min. from alexanderplatz) marks a breakthrough in real-life standard technology and interactive urban art.

the temporary etoy.HQ in the berlin sky serves as a base for business on a higher level of human intelligence: etoy.AGENTS are currently immersed in a pursuit of eternal dimensions ->MISSION ETERNITY / PREVIEW SEPTEMBER 2005 IN A CEMETERY NEAR YOU.


8.6.2005 14:35 CET: international ISO standards the mobile etoy.CARGO-TANK plugged seamlessly on PLATOON's working and recreation containers (including coding, administration, management and swimming pool tanks). special thanks to our plug&pray partners from PLATOON)

18.6.2005: a 5 months berlin residency & etoy.PRODUCTION-PERIOD will be kicked off with the participation of two etoy.ARCHITECTS in "Worlds out of Containers / Workshop on the Power of Containerisation", Volksbühne, Berlin. etoy.GRAMAZIO & etoy.MIR

18.6.2005 21.00 - 00.00 CET: CONTAINER SIGHTSEEING: etoy.TANK meets PLATOON container system. Drinks and tours for workshop participants and etoy.SHAREHOLDERS (etoy.CARD required). Special guests: FUR (the creators of the PAIN STATION)

3.7.2005 17.00 CET: public podium by PRODUKT & VISION at Kunstfabrik: social responsibility as survival strategy? etoy.AGENT present.

23.7.2005 18.00 – open end CET: etoy and platoon FRIENDLY FIRE party. details to be announced.

9.9. - 9.10.2005: exhibition PRODUKT & VISION with participation of etoy.

strategic partners: PLATOON - cultural development / Produkt & Vision / LISTA - making workspace work / Pro Helvetia / Sitemapping / City of Zug / Kanton Zurich / Migros / TEC-IT / Celebration Hotels / EUnet / La Claustra

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