Boeing LIPO grounding

US grounds Boeing’s 787 Dreamliner over battery fires

next time better talk to etoy before allowing airline passengers on board of your lipo battery powered planes.

this looks very much like our burned out MISSION ETERNITY TAMATAR from san sebastian (2010):

chief etoy.R&D silvan: avant garde art and technology collective etoy learned 3 years before boeing how to deal with fire on board of its high tech transportation capsules. next time better contact some experienced artists before wasting millions and scaring passengers and your crew. let's share knowledge and learn from each others disasters.

picture: etoy.SILVAN in orange etoy jacket wondering why a multi billion air line corporation is not willing to learn from artists.

BACKGROUND: (Reuters) Airlines scrambled on Thursday to rearrange flights as regulators around the world joined the United States in grounding Boeing Co's 787 Dreamliner passenger jets while battery-related problems are investigated. Scott Hamilton, an analyst at Leeham Co, an aerospace consulting firm in Seattle, said having a plane grounded "is about the worst thing that can happen to an airplane program."

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