etoy moves its container culture icons through Zurichs main traffic veins passing by the other container trend locations FREITAG TOWER and the FRAU GEROLDS GARTEN: three of our main etoy.TANKS, including the MISSION ETERNITY SARCOPHAGUS got carried over Hardbrücke today at 16:36 pm to its new location at Aargauerstrasse 55, next to and - just in the heart of a growing new city - thanks to Beda Viviani from SWISS CONTAINER AG as well as Marc Angst and Sebastian Güttinger from the NRS Team - and many other helping hands: Ernesto Schneider, Abdur Rahman Kirchhoff, Patrick Linner, to name just a few.

And thanks to christian and michiko - your sound always matched our projects - and obviously still does!

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etoy.MAJA @ 08.08.2012 10:53 CET
Love it! happy moving. happy settling down. mxxx
organizing @ 25.08.2012 09:22 CET
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