OSSI groundstation 1 in the art collection now

hello hojun and crew,
dear sylvie, agents, partners, researchers,
sweet shareholders and collectors,

i'm verry happy and proud to announce another important step for the etoy.ART-COLLECTION:
our open source satellite initiative (OSSI) groundstation arrived in zurich!

thanks for the fantastic setup video hojun

thanks sylvie and HG for transfer from seoul.

we look forward to receive (and one day send) signals!

the deal is made / the take-off ramp in russia is getting prepared:
-> (the carrier)
->the agreement:

SCIENCE IS FANTASY! as hojun said


more info:

Am 05.12.11 07:07, schrieb hojun song:

here is the link for setting up OSSI GS-1

it's HD 720p quality.

if you want to use the video in exhibition i'll send you the original.

thank you,


2011/11/7 etoy.HG ******>:
Hi Hojun,

Hope this message finds you well, it's been a long time!

I have good news for you: Sylvie Reinhard (CCed) is going to be in
Seoul  Nov 25 - Dec 3, scouting for exciting projects for a next LIFT
event in Korea - and she volunteered to  bring the etoy.OSSI receiver
backpack to its new home in Switzerland!

You'll certainly agree with me that this is a good opportunity to
finalize a step in the `cultural value exchange` we initiated back in
Gwangju. If you're around or can make sure Sylvie gets the piece:
please do get in touch with her!

And do let us know what you're up to, too! :)

Sending kind regards,

-- // twisting values since 1994


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