etoy.AGENTS infiltrating LIFT11 / M∞ Workshop

A small team of etoy.AGENTS will be twisting long-standing values and spreading techno-metaphysical unease at LIFT11 this February, instigating an M∞ workshop. Core agent etoy.MONOROM, image agent etoy.TABEA and etoy.HG are looking forward to opening a gateway for your eternal data body 2011/02/03 at Geneva's International Conference Center CICG.



Happy New Year partners and agents!
Growth usually leads to specialization or diversification, and as would be expected, etoy aims at both, only faster and riskier.
However, we grow fully internally and continue to grow our core project MISSION ETERNITY for many more years to come. After our solo show in Korea in 2010, etoy hones in on our home town: Zug in Switzerland. Kunsthaus Zug will contrast our work with the history of art in this little big Swiss city where etoy.CORPORATION SA has its letterbox together with many other large and infamous multinationals - opening in April 2011. The location of art production matters even more when art becomes intangible and shared across boundaries because of its origin and place of departure and its integrative mode of production.

Many of you have been involved in our work in 2010! Our thanks go to you, agents and partners, investors and supporters and fans! We share with you our excitement and the madness that transforms into installations and performances, twisting reality and ending values as we knew them!

Have a bright, prosperous, and blissful 2011!

monorom, zai, silvan, haefliger, tabea, maki, pol, vincent, hg, maja, fred, alberto, rocket, stamberger, marland

PS: etoy sucht einen Standort für unser Atelier in Zürich, 6 Frachtcontainer, stapelbar! Ab Juni 2011.
etoy is looking for a new location for our head offices in Zurich! Starting June 2011.
Please contact us

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