Workshop Mission

MISSION ETERNITY is about our digital afterlife. We try to define and preserve our own unique infosphere for eternity - that is why we work as well with an ECG machine (we will do heart scans during the workshop, be aware: this is not harmful - is is micro-electric of our muscels): this allows us to draw the electric impulses of our heart (which is UNIQUE FOR EVERY PERSON!) in a line. The collaboration with BERNINAallows us to bring this unique traces to the outside: fashion is all about identiy - and we want people to be able to bring this uniquness onto their clothes - this is where the collaboration with BERNINA starts. So we want people to be able to have their unique signature - as a embroidery - ie in the form of a ecg heart drawing - on their shirts, or ties, or trousers.

prod.SHOWS / 2010 GWANJU kunsthalle


Tempel DAEWON in South Korea

one of the oldest tempels in korea, the daewon temple - lies in the middle of soft mountains covered with green forest and a river that runs through it - a perfect spot. the special thing about the tempel is that monks prepare you for your death: there is little temple with a wooden coffin where you can ly down and imagine your death.

further more: in the tibetian museum nearby I saw for the first time pictures from the tibetian death rites - quite brutal to us. how can that be a pieceful step into the afterlife?

these images is how I imagine the mikro makro world of a computer drive


the black shooter

Thanks to etoy.HG and his G12 and etoy.MAKI for that beautifully weird set up


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Burning shares for the people from 518

finally we know who we have to burn our shares for on that historic place: to all those souls that gave their lifes because they wanted freedom - the freedom of speech and their minds - democracy. and to these souls etoy burns it shares right on that spot where it all happened, 30 years ago - a hot big fire here on that icy november day. yujin, thank you so much for sharing that moment and letting that thought come to our minds - and thanks to the visiting artists from thailand! 

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NAM JUNE PAIK as trickster

check this out, I like that. the definition TRICKSTER sounds great.

exhibition is on NOW. how could I miss this. with christian jankowski!

check this e-flux letter!


etoy on the memorial site of 518

on this cold and icy monday it was a place of piece and calm - still surrounded from all the scenes from the past: this strong urge for democracy which started the uprise. what I feel is the power of the mass. what many can do. so maybe we need more MISSION ETERNITY ANGELS, to keep our mission going.


container ideas from SEOUL

anlässlich der formel 1 folgendes gesehen in seoul

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INVITATION: workshop from seoul now in GWANGJU

KUNSTHALLE gwangju and etoy invite to the workshop of MISSION ETERNTIY: we have a special surprise to our participants - for the first time we will have the possibility, to not only release your data into our storing system ANGEL APPLICATION but also to print it on your wearings - BERNINA will be part of the workshop and materialize your files on the textiles of your choice.


ETOY at VSMM 2010

the workshop participants had to face the question of their own understanding from eternity and even more: what kind of remain is so valuable to be kept and spread. A broad range from files got scanned from us agents, was scrumbeld by etoy.VINCENT and got its unique number: we so released the data of these ten STOWAWAY CAPSULES into our ANGEL APPLICATION. the participants proudly copied their ARCANUM CAPSULES ID from the chat. one very good input we got from the people from randomwalks - what keeps the link to us, to the social net, once we are gone, what keeps us alive: the storys, that our friends tell about us, the way they feel about us - and how to keep these energys going, that is what got very nicly manifestated in their idea. please scroll the STOWAWAY DATA to find their data.
thanks to everyone participating and especially as well for the VSMM to organize everything so well - above all Hyun Seung Yang. 

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the kunsthalle gwangju on a normal working sunday: etoy.VINCENT, etoy.HG, etoy.TABEA and etoy.ALWIN are present. Agent Tabea is finishing to issue EYB SHARES from 20 - 40 units value. Low Kee Hong from Singapure was visiting and very pleased to see Johannes and Marcus from Com & Com again - as part of the etoy.ART COLLECTION! thank you seraphine gutekunst for the pictures.



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