Today in Gwangju South Korea

sometimes you dont know what strange moments in this world
bring things together: while there is a monstrum discussion in kunsthalle
we see this tshirt which a woman is wearing in an ordinary restaurant


etoy.HG arriving on location in GWANGJU

THANKS a million - your effort came in the very right second - a big big THANK YOU, on all levels.

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art is a layer to the kwangju massacre

etoy.ACTIVITIESprod.SHOWS / 2010 GWANJU kunsthalle
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the etoy.SHOW in Korea is up and running


etoy.MAKI is running for money

etoy.VENTURE ASSOSIATION donates to the Mathilde Escher Stiftung at a charity run for the extension of the home for muscle diseased people.

the Mathilde Escher Heim is a specialised center for boys with muscular dystrophy of the type Duchenne. it provides them a home, education and employment.

etoy.AGENT Maki was running 9.6 kilometer in one hour (he's better in bicycling by the way). for this decent effort the etoy.VENTURE ASSOSIATION donated generous 62.50CHF per kilometer.

for further donations please visit


etoy at ZHAW Zentrum Kulturmanagement

Social software changes the art world. A one day conference at ZHAW, the Zurich School of Management and Law invites art professionals to discuss the impact of blogs, wikis, online networks and communities. Agent HAEFLIGER represents etoy as an art organization that both produces art and integrates the art value chain from ideation to collection.

Join us in Zurich on Friday, September 24, 2010.

Conference flyer / Sign up here.


first etoy.BROOD - leaving reality behind

more Images


Hardy´s Reisebüro

etoy.CORPORATION recommends Hardy´s Reisebüro for all kinds of bookings.
Their service is just absolutely great.

" We try hardy ! "

Hardy´s Reisebüro
Hardy Schulz & Oliver Simunovic GbR
Hasslocher Str. 60
D-65428 Rüsselsheim

Phone:   +49-6142-913245
Fax        +49-6142-913249


etoy.BROOD - first baby agents recruited in Gwangju

The following shots show the first brainwave activities rendered in 5-11 year olds during the show "Leaving reality behind..." at Kunsthalle Gwangju / South Korea.


Opening Kunsthalle Gwangju

etoy / opening Kunsthalle Gwangju etoy / opening Kunsthalle Gwangju etoy / opening Kunsthalle Gwangju etoy / opening Kunsthalle Gwangju

  1. Words to the opening from our latest Mission Eternity Pilot
    Kim Jung Man together with etoy.MONOROM
  2. Kunsthalle crowd
  3. etoy agents together with Anton Jung and Christoph and Tom from Platoon
  4. "etoy.GATE / may we pass Mr. Paik" - reinterpretation of "Passage"
    by Nam Jun Paik with etoy.PATCHINKO machines as an hommage
    to the korean-born artist.
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