etoy and Ouest-Lumière, Paris 11e arr.

etoy.HAEFLIGER and Yann Toma, president of Ouest-Lumière, in the company's downtown Paris underground shelter last night.

The etoy.EUROPE branch is preparing the launch of a virtual conference series with art firm luminaries! Stay tuned.


etoy.CREW preparing the show in KUNSTHALLE KWANGJU / South Korea

As the clock fearlessly ticks towards the opening (August 31st 2010), the etoy.CREW in Kwangju/South Korea endeavours to complete the mad task of putting up a show including all major artworks of etoy since 1994.

View on Kwangju from KUNSTHALLE

A couple of meters away from KUNSTHALLE

Local helper agent working

Putting up the SHARED-HISTORY

View from SHARED-HISTORY down to the hall

Korean workers during food break (this is a ritual!)

the PLATOON office looks mostly improvised,

as does the etoy.OFFICE

The local TAMATAR assembly line

BAUMEISTER MAKI with helpers

The SARCOPHAGUS just got electronic impulse!



we are announced in my favorite arts - newsletter
download PDF / read e-flux artikel


Under construction

Massive construction site for the prospective Asian Culture Complex right behind the Kunsthalle /
etoy.ASIA Gwangju office /
Kunsthalle in progress, even on sundays


Digital Art @ Google

more Informations


Happy Birthday Platoon Christoph


etoy.CORPORATION wishes you a very happy birthday.

Wir wünschen dir ein langes, glückliches, entspanntes Leben. Wir hoffen, dass all deine geheimen Wünsche in Erfüllung gehen.

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etoy.ASIA branch / Gwangju office

etoy in gwanju (KR) 2010 etoy in gwanju (KR) 2010 etoy in gwanju (KR) 2010
At Kunsthalle Gwangju in the historic area of the former provincial hall /
street around Hans n' Bean coffee shop (24/7 with free wifi) /
etoy.ASIA branch, gwangju office



etoy is very proud to have jerome rigaud as a guest in the etoy.TANKS
in BINZ: we enjoy his witty charme and presence very much -
and hopefully you once end up with your own container, jerome!

his pictures on flickr

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etoy's biggest production of SHARE CERTIFICATES is right now being packed
and shipped to KOREA: a big thank you to etoy.FRED and etoy.AMI - they did
such an accurate and precise job packed with so much enthusiasm -
pictures say more than words! THANK YOU! 



etoy's SARCOPHAGUS arrived in South Korea for one of the largest and comprehensive etoy.SHOWS ever:
this retrospective covers 16 years of artistic work.

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