Conversation with Yann Toma

excerpt from a longer communication to be published by Art&Flux:

Yann Toma (Chairman of Ouest-Lumière): Tu suggères une intensification de nos relations d'entreprise. Comment envisage-tu aujourd'hui la relation entre deux entreprises critiques?

agent HAEFLIGER: Absolutely yes! I believe the continued exchange of knowledge and experience between critical companies is of great value to both partners. In business terms, synergies are clearly visible: both companies face growing markets, under-informed clients and critics, blissfully ignorant public institutions, disintegrated and chaotic supply chains, high price fluctuations in global end-customer and secondary markets, and a social environment that still views critical companies all too often with an old-left myopia for cutting-edge technology and an outright phobia of capitalist institutions. In artistic terms, the exchange covers production methods, working routines, critical thinking and continued struggles to keep a team running, and most of all the organizational challenges that are so critical to solve in order for the art production to rely on a solid fundament of communication and risk management and sharing.



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