orgart Collection presents: etoy.SHARED-HISTORY

The orgart Collection presents: etoy.SHARED-HISTORY this coming Friday  and Saturday in Zurich!

At the old stock exchange building in Zurich, this year's Tweakfest
celebrates 16 years of trading and investments in high risk art ventures  such as the digital hijack, TOYWAR, or MISSION ETERNITY.

As usual, you trade etoy.SHARES but this time in a new format: a 2.40m x 5.40m installation consisting of 144 image segments tells the history of  etoy in the form of the share price chart. Each segment represents one share certificate and tells a specific story.

Where: Alte Börse, Zürich
When: Friday, April 23, 6 p.m. (Opening)
until: Saturday April 24, 2010

The orgart Collection invites you to the opening, please contact Dr.
Marcos Garcia Pedraza for free tickets.

Entry to the festival on Saturday is free of charge.

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etoy.SHARED-HISTORY made it to zurich

the vulcano ash did not stop the box from AGENT FRED in BEIJING!


Cambridge UK

etoy agents meet at Peterhouse College of Cambridge University to discuss the ongoing work on the etoy.HISTORY and the book project that haunted etoy's recent activities like a fruit fly: wherever we went people asked for a book. Well then, we thought, let's go back to paper and write how we work, what we do, think, build, bury, admire and, most of all, what we're after.

On a field trip outside the confines of Peterhouse, agents TABEA, ALWIN, ZAI, ALBERTO, MAJA, and HAEFLIGER (not pictured) visited the Museum of Archeology and Anthropology and an inspiring show entitled Assembling Bodies, curated by Anita Herle.

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