MISSION ETERNITY TAMATAR on the way to San Sebastian


120 KG overweight proper packed and listed. GOOD LUCK at customs! etoy.ZAI and etoy.SILVAN are on the way to San Sebastian to setup the next MISSION ETERNITY MILESTONE. For the first time, etoy presents the MISSION ETERNITY TAMATAR at the SILICON DREAMS Exhibition in San Sebastian.

WEBCAM San Sebastian

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we were very happy to have mister GION MATHIAS CAVELTY as our guest:
digging in the archive of his hilarious literaturshow was inspiring
- and we hope we completely transferred the etoy VIRUS in his system:
to all eternity!



etoy presents its etoy.SHARE CERTIFICATES - lambda photoprints, 30x30 cm -
and so its events and projects from the last 18 months:

- the growing urban TANKPLANT at binz,
- the MISSION ETERNITY SARCOPHAGUS in china and heiligkreuz and bern
- PILOT KEISER walking in pixels

we look forward to your visit.

info etoy.SHARE

etoy.CORPORATION is all about sharing: knowledge, skills, risk, excitement, resources, social networks, art, technology and cultural profits. etoy goes where traditional artists, companies and individuals cannot afford to go.


etoy.SHARE transactions update

Dear shareholders,

in a year of crisis, etoy is happy to report that you, our community, heavily contribute to our venture and the etoy.SHARE, our means of sharing risk, gains in popularity and impact.

In a time when other large public Swiss firms struggle with internal support, etoy.AGENTS invest heavily in etoy.SHARES. Management and board members of Swiss Life, Credit Suisse, Zurich Insurance, and Vontobel invested ZERO in additional shares during 2009, they only sold own stock. Non-executive board members of Swiss Life sold 68m CHF worth of their shares in the second half of 2009, while during the same period Credit Suisse executives sold shares of their company for more than 51m CHF (source: NZZ am Sonntag Jan 10, 2010).

etoy.AGENTS and members of management injected in excess of 40,000 USD in new liquidity in 2009 and renewed debt obligations. We're reporting detailed financial figures for 2009 by May 2010.

During the last two months, etoy issued 3180 share units in EYB certificates that could be distributed to agents and new shareholders. We're currently exhibiting new EYB certificates in our tank plant in Zurich Binz and welcome visitors (during evening hours upon prior notice).

As of today, the etoy.VENTURE ASSOCIATION raises the price for one share unit to 20 USD for new investors. Stay tuned for analyst reports on etoy for the upcoming show in San Sebastian, Spain.


Der Tod

das nzz folio könnt ihr jetzt betellen: alles von leichenschmaus über wiedergeburten und kosten für einen sarg.
ein tipp von philosoph wilhelm schmid, berlin:
"der tod heisst, das wir einfach rezykliert werden."

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one of our great supporters in DUBAI

he talks about "agile developement" "startup ecology" "virality" and something very important: invest in failure. 10 big failures had to happen until google came. thanks joichi, for today, that's such a helpful advice to me.

TEDx Dubai 2009 - Joichi Ito from Giorgio Ungania on Vimeo.


Started production of 16 Tamatar

Preparing Servos

Pondering on details like external power supply for charging

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