BEJINGs etoy.AGENTS say hello!

Amilia, very warm welcome to etoy - and we are so happy to have you there!

it wouldn't be possible to finally focus on what is so important for etoy:
our etoy.SHARES.

we are very excited about being able to produce our core product
with your help, FRED and AMILIA.

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Creative Commons fundraising campaign

we just donated. not as much as we would like to but at least a bit.  and of course we placed the link on the website.

Support CC

Our long time friend, angel investor and advisor JOI ITO writes: "This year, we (at CC) have set a goal to raise $500,000 USD from our community during our annual fundraising campaign. Your support, however big or small, will help us sustain our core operations and keep our legal tools free for everyone to use. It will enable us to continue to level the digital playing field and harness the power of the Internet to be a force for good."

This year, more than ever before, it is vital that we all support choice and sharing online. Truly, everyone benefits from a free and open internet, and we have only just begun to see how beneficial a culture of sharing can be.

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