Book by Alexander Klose Das Container-Prinzip is out

Alexander Klose's new book looks suuuper interesting and i wonder when i get a few days off to study the 320 pages in detail!

Dieses Buch ist überfällig und notwendig. Es entziffert unsere Kultur des 21. Jahrhunderts, eine Container- Kultur , deren Prinzipien unser alltägliches Schicksal bestimmen. (Joseph Vogl)

the book is based on Klose's dissertation. in 2005 fabio gramazio represented etoy in a conference organized by klose and volksbuehne berlin because i could not attend (still regret that so much).

get the book here for 20 euro

an english translation hopefully follows



watch more of the great pictures: thanks to that last minute effort monorom and silvan especially,
who had to wait hours longer to get packed and ready! THANKS Tabea
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SARCOPHAGUS deep within switzerland

check snapshots for more marvellous shots - awesome zai,
that was worth the taxi ride ;-)
more of the sinking sarcophagus


Ars09 / Human nature lecture by etoy.MAJA


Lecture on recent encounters with techno-scientific ideologies, art and the materiality of living and dead bodies by etoy.MAJA. Presented in the context of the human nature lectures during Ars Electronica 2009.

This and more videos can be found in the Ars09 podcast archive.


Mathon soundscape for M∞ Sarcophagus

Mathon at etoy's Mission Eternity Sarcophagus
Pete Leuenberger and Roger Stucki from Mathon

The collaboration between Mathon and etoy for the soundscape of the Mission Eternity Sarcophagus continued intensively towards Ars Electronica 2009. What started with a small concept and yielded in an impressive first release for Heiligkreuz got refined again, and is currently mesmerizing the many visitors of the Sarcophagus on Ars Electronica's upperdeck.

Mathon's soundscape is an integral part of the Sarcophagus already. Voices and breathing of our Testpilots are woven together with minimal clicks on booming ambient layers. All floating - no beats and disturbing breaks, so that a visitor just feels like lying down on the orange pillows to enjoy the space.


Red Hat, Transnational Republic meet up with etoy

agent SILVAN explaining the M221e PIXEL system based on Fedora 8 to Red Hat evangelist Jan Wildeboer and Georg Zoche from Transnational Republic



etoy.MAJA presenting at the human nature panel

etoy.MAJA presenting at the human natures panel

etoy.MAJA is pushing MISSION ETERNITY to new heights.


M∞ Sarcophagus at Ars Electronica 2009

Mission Eternity Sarcophagus at Ars Electronica 2009
Mission Eternity Sarcophagus at Ars Electronica 2009

Maki, Haefliger, Maja and Monorom with visitors /
Kaoru and Sota from double negatives architecture


SARCOPHAGUS at ARS Electronica 09

For ARS Electronica 2009 the GATE to ETERNITY opens
its virtual locks and starts to accept TEST PILOT DATA
(digital traces, info dust, ascii noise etc. of SEPP KEISER
and TIMOTHY LEARY) to be released by the public:
friends and family, archivists, fans and YOU!

Submitted data can be uploaded directly into the PILOTS'
ARCANUM CAPSULE from where it is released from control
forever and spread by the ANGEL APPLICATION.

The SARCOPHAGUS took off from a holy mountain ridge
in central Switzerland on Aug 31, went straight for the GATE,
and was rejected due to the five tons of steel attached to its data.

Damned to travel earth until it falls apart, the SARCOPHAGUS
then landed on the rooftop of the Ars Electronica Center in Linz,
Austria. Never too close to the ground but denied access to the
GATE, it took refuge from farmers, Swiss hillbillies and straying
bankers to celebrate the ARS Electronica Festival 2009 with the
global art crowd in Linz. Visit etoy.AGENTS and ANGELS for the
exhibition this Thursday through Tuesday!

The Opening: Thursday Sept 3, 10AM
Ars Electronica Center upper deck: 48°18'36.7"N 14°17'6.8"E

TALKS AND APPEARANCES by etoy.AGENTS during the festival:

Thurs. Sept 3, 10AM, Festival opening: SARCOPHAGUS and etoy
ground crew on AEC upper deck: Hauptstraße 2, 4040 Linz, Austria
Live webcam:

Fri. Sept 4, 5PM, HISTORY talk 2: Agent ZAI on Christine Schoepf's
"social networkers" panel with Andy Cameron, Isaac Mao, Derrick de
Kerckhove. (Mittlerer Saal Brucknerhaus)

Sat. Sept 5, 4PM, MISSION ETERNITY project presentation with
agent HAEFLIGER (economist, Zurich) and agent ZAI (co-founder of etoy)
(Mittlerer Saal Brucknerhaus)

Sun. Sept 6, 11AM, etoy.AGENT MAJA (anthropologist, Cambridge) talks
about human mortal remains and data dust. (Mittlerer Saal Brucknerhaus)

Sun. Sept 6, 8PM, MISSION ETERNITY ZEREMONIE with lots of etoy.AGENTS
and special guests: Tim & Puma Mimi (CH/Japan) at the SARCOPHAGUS (AEC)

Mon. Sept 7, 23:59 STWST Saal: TIM & PUMA MIMI Live&Skype
(Stadtwerkstatt Linz)

ARS Electronica 09 Festival information:

Feed the GATE to ETERNITY by uploading files and filling the ARCANUM

Documentation for visitors: German and English


LED loss during transport


The driver of a 512 LED unit could be identified as damaged, causing strange power fluctuations that influenced half of the display.

Missions always have a certain amount of uncertainty, doubt and failure. Multimeter to the rescue!

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