ANGEL APPLICATION version 0.4.4 has just been released.
This release introduces major speed improvements in the maintenance algorithm
which should result in maintaining local replicas a lot quicker, while
preserving network resources during normal maintenance.

In practice:

For desktop users, the maintenance process will find individual local broken
resources (e.g. also new resources / deleted resources) much faster than in
earlier versions. This only holds true if the sleep interval is small, e.g. if
the maintainer has just been started (by default, the maintainer will
incrementally adjust its speed of operation to fit into one day).

For server installation, e.g. long-running instances, it means that a lot less
traffic will be generated during the maintenance.

Note: the initial sync is still slow and will be optimized in future releases.

The changes are basically summarized as follows:

  • initial support for doing remote clone validation based on random chunks of data. Implemented using standard HTTP byte range headers. This should lead to MASSIVE bandwidth savings.
  • improvements in clone resolution: clones with numeric IP addresses are thrown away if a clone with a hostname resolving to this address exists.
  • mount now forces the remote clone to be saved locally, even if the initial inspection fails.
  • bugfix in maintenance: when no local clones are stored, recursively walk up the tree to find some
  • broadcasting of local clone to remote clones optimized (e.g. dropped reachability and existence checks, as broadcasting is allowed to fail).
  • improved KDE/Gnome support for opening the WebDAV repository.
  • optimized server side HEAD operation for directories by not computing a content listing.
  • logging: use format strings

A download is available at

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etoy.ZAI @ 11.07.2009 08:57 CET
great job pol. i come for a short trip (3 days only) to berlin around the 20.7.2009 and could take a day or two to implement some of our ritual practice from pollinaria into the app with you. i think angel app needs liturgy elements and some metaphysical tentacle now! we have to be ready for a.e. so lets start now.
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