with RFID tag to implant we bring our warmest congratulations to Rock Battaglias Rockcircus and we THANK a thousand times for that GREAT PARTY last weekend!
and thanks to nurse miss nora too.



ANGEL APPLICATION version 0.4.3 has just been released by the etoy.MAD-CODER dept.

Unfortunately, a major bug slipped into the release of last week. This release fixes the problem and introduces minor networking improvements as well as an updated layout for the directory listing.

More detailed information can be found in the CHANGES file.

A download is available at


Flashback to Pollinaria

the etoy agents really enjoyed that great hospitality for our project MISSION ETERNITY from gaetano carboni and hela bonaci in pollinaria.
THANKS A MILLION for everything.


note from the etoy.QUEER-LABS

We know there's a little gay guy in everyone. But the etoy.BUREAUCRATS forgot to celebrate this fact!

etoy.CORPORATION SA wishes to apologize officially for not consulting the etoy.QUEER-LABS before setting this year's GENERAL MEETING date.

Shame on the chairman and all his board members: the 6th of June 2009 is the day of the EUROPRIDE PARADE & FESTIVAL in Zurich! EuroPride is this year's biggest gay event in the world: a celebration and political demonstration for acceptance and tolerance, against discrimination and against the creation of taboos and violence on grounds of sexual orientation. Political speakers include the politician and publicist Daniel Cohn Bendit, the mayor of Zurich, Corinne Mauch, and the Moldovan human rights activist Mihaela Copot.

The chairman proposes triple voting rights for all etoy.SHAREHOLDERS who can show probable cause that they practice/tested same-sex romance and/or participate in the general meeting as cross-dresser/gender-bender.

In addition, etoy installed the position of agent.PINK who can be contacted to delegate voting rights in case the celebration schedule cannot be synchronized with the etoy.MEETING-PLAN. ---> use: gay[at]

kisses from etoy ...leaving reality behind.

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ANGEL APPLICATION 0.4.2 "pollination"

We're excited to announce the immediate availability of the ANGEL APPLICATION version 0.4.2 code-named "pollination", a peer-to-peer system for storing ARCANUM CAPSULES for eternity.

This is mainly a bugfix release over version 0.4.1 and improves performance and introduces download bandwidth throttling. Every Angel should upgrade.

More detailed information can be found in the CHANGES file.

A download is available at

UPDATE (May 22 2009): this release has a major bug, please fallback to a newer version as announced.


Invitation to the General Meeting of etoy.CORPORATION SA

Dear Shareholders!

etoy invites you to the third annual meeting of etoy.CORPORATION SA.

When: June 6, 12.00-14.00
Where: etoy.TANKS - Raeffelstr. 30, 8045 Zurich, Switzerland.

Agenda items:
1. Welcome by the president
2. Update by agent.ZAI about etoy's investments and activities
3. Presentation of the financial figures for the year 2008
4. Presentation of the budget 2009
5. Discharge of the board
6. Election of the board: agents GRAMAZIO, MONOROM, ZAI, and

Please submit any questions or discussion items before May 23 directly to the president ( The financial report and the statement of the auditor will be available to shareholders on site shortly.

IMPORTANT: If you cannot attend the meeting you may delegate your voting rights to another shareholder. If you wish to do so, please forward your written consent to a shareholder of your choice before the meeting. etoy will count the voting rights present before the start of the meeting.

etoy invites you to a drink and a special tour of the etoy.TANKS following the annual meeting.
for etoy

Purpose of etoy.CORPORATION SA, registered in Zug, Switzerland,
Register of Commerce CH-
"etoy is art and invests all resources in the production of more art.
The firm represents the core and code of the corporate sculpture, and
controls, protects, promotes, and exploits the cultural substance
(intellectual property) and the etoy.ART-COLLECTION. etoy intends to
reinvest all financial earnings in art"



etoy is gearing up for another research trip to italy. this time 7 etoy.AGENTS (monorom, silvan, tabea, maja, pol, alberto and zai) flying in from cambridge, berlin, zurich and basle will explore memory culture, loss and decay at pollinaria, an experimental biofarming project in the region called abruzzo. together with 20 workshop participants the MISSION ETERNITY ground crew plans to take the long term project a step further.

a part of the abruzzo was hit by a massive earthquake last month. the destructive aspect of nature and mans strategies to fight, resist, use, and cope with this strong forces will be of interrest for etoy.

from the pollinaria website:



the PLAN:


etoy.CORPORATION SA handelsregister eintrag

handelsregister eintrag english PDF

handelsregister eintrag deutsch PDF

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