last minute call for celebration

drop by if you are in town: zurich binz / raeffelstrasse 30:

31.12.2008 / 9PM till late.

9PM-11PM: vegan dinner. exclusive seats available.
for dinner pls make reservations by email (
or via facebook.

Bring Champagne. etoy spent all 2008-CASH on Italian mafiosi, Swiss wood, Chinese steel, German social welfare, and US elections.

info in German: SIKAFLEX 221 ( wird wieder gegen LSD-25, gegen VEGAN-PASTA und VEUVE CLICQUOT eingetauscht. wir haben ausgebaut! unsere office-tanks in zurich sind fuer die naechsten 3 jahre gestapelt, verschraubt, verkabelt, wetterfest isoliert, auf 37 grad aufgeheizt und mit allen schikanen ausgestattet: inklusive andy guhl noise system und flugschaedel klangteppich im corporate kuechen-dusch-wc-modul (eine kreation  des chief executive officers. 2009 hat er wieder zeit fuer museen, biennalen, geldbeschaffung und die kultur-profitmaximierung). nach monatelangen albtraeumen rund um tropfende dampfsperren, kippende 40-fuss-container, lecke vacuum-black-water-tanks werden die blut und silikonverschmierten overalls feierlich verbrannt.

die h&m-commedesgarcon-anzuege und das migros-budget-rasierwasser stehen bereit. auch miss monoroms prada handtasche darf jetzt wieder in die tanks.

wir feiern mit allen verlorenen seelen den beginn einer neuen epoche.

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wlan and snow

no wonder the waln has some problems :) 
the view is just super cool at the new etoy offcie.

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at the etoy.TANKS in binz -
with a vegan dinner and a special guest -
noise music pioneer: ANDY GUHL
presents his INSTRUMENT,
at 11 pm and 1 am.

for dinner 9 to 11 pm rsvp!
and bring the friends you wanted to spent new year with :-) !

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derrick ist tot. meine kindheit ist zu ende.

one more pioneer of the information age left reality behind without signing a mission eternity post mortem contract. i'm glad horst tappert created his own arcanum capsule. eine epoche geht zu ende. gut so & danke fuer die schoene zeit.


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The book Freesouls - captured and released by Joi Ito is finally available in a limited edition release, featuring really nice shots of some of the etoy.AGENTS. Well shot and beautiful portraits, but moreover an interesting process; A flickr-set containing portraits tagged with `freesouls' that unfolded into a concept of creating authentic portraits released under a creative commons license that can be freely used e.g. for Wikipedia pages.

I think I'm trying to get a mental image of a person, certain expressions, or what I think that person is about. I'm trying to capture what I think they look like, which is many times a minority of their typical expressions, or their typical stance. So, if I'm taking pictures of Larry [Lessig], I want to have his signature hand gestures, and not just random ones.
(Joi Ito, from the Essay `Just another free soul`)



Golden bunny for B-O-B the builder

Gramazio & Kohler's B-O-B and the Installation «Structrual Oscillatioins» for this years Venice Biennale has won the golden Bunny in the Category Design. Congratulations from the etoy.CORPORATION!

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