Adolf von Wyl

04.08.1940 - 12.11.2008

I hope the ceremony with etoy.AFTERLIFE-CERTIFICATES will lighten your journey.
Share with the living & burn for the dead.

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etoy.ZAI @ 13.11.2008 10:19 CET
thank you for co-producing one of the best living art works: miss monorom.

good bye mr. von wyl.
etoy.TABEA @ 13.11.2008 11:31 CET
I'm with you, monorom
HAEFLIGER @ 15.11.2008 22:20 CET
The video cuts off after eight strokes of the church bell: was it midnight?
It is moving to see our work alive and applied: congratulations for venturing the pioneer path for real, once more! I'm honored to work with you. All the best to you MONOROM
etoy.ALBERTO @ 23.11.2008 10:50 CET
Life and afterlife... Grief and hope... Eternal companions of our soul... Confusion and peace...

A haiku comes to mind:

The day breaks cold and dear,
And in the ashes of my heart
A cricket's chirp I hear
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