CEOs are having a hard time these days

where ever managers like me show up people start to balme us, spit in our faces or even hit us. without knowing what kind of corporation we belong to.

for the last three days i was in liverpool - the city of THE BEATLES - for a conference and book release.

but IMAGINE -> there was nothing than bood, drama and decay. and a little bit of fun ;-)

first norman m. klein talked about forgetting, loss and lies all the time and then 4 stunning women from the FACT team took me to this strange club where everybody was totally into MISSION ETERNITY: skulls, bones and bleeding skin every where. 

after 3 or 4 hours of observing a strange crowd i started to love it and danced with these cool ladies: i really liked the physical side of this absurd experience: sweat, strange hormones, real passion, alcohol, drugs, sweat, sweat, music etc.

yes i loved it. the music was really good. and the girls i talked to were really stunning (because they were all smart and therefore more than sexy)

so all the blood in my face was worth it: men like me have to fight to have fun.

thanks laura, gaby, kate and wonderful XY for this clubbing night in liverpool.

it was cool to hang out with you!





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