first electro cardio gram data hit the net

etoy.ALBERTO, a medical doctor and artist born in mexico became part of the crew earlier in 2008. Today at SHIFT festival in Basel he sucessfully set up a medical environment to record ecg data from sepp keiser and 5 etoy.CREW-MEMBERS (monorom's data is shown below).

in work sessions during the next 5 months the recordings of  electrical activity in mission eternity pilots hearts will be integrated into the SARCOPHAGUS: the art work HERZKAMMER will be exhibited in spring 2009 at the Museum fuer Kommunikation in Bern.

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jerome @ 26.10.2008 22:25 CET
WOW! (i feel more and more sad to have missed the invitation of zai)
zai @ 28.10.2008 14:35 CET
jerome: maybe we can do something at another point. its up to you. just tell me when you are ready. as you see we are getting ready for heart related stuff.
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