Wiimote whiteboard test

Testing a wiimote whiteboard based on the experiments by Johnny Chung Lee.

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etoy.ZAI @ 14.09.2008 21:50 CET
very nice!!! das muessen wir sofort einfuheren als skizzen tool im den neuen tanks! geht das auch wirklich (pragmatisch) silvan? i would love it.
silvan @ 15.09.2008 08:51 CET
still figuring out some peculiarities about the right angles and positions of the wiimote. Some tool that acts as a transparent overlay over the screen offering some basics like pens and colors would be nice as well, so that you can sketch on anything thats underneath, be it a browser, a picture, a presentation etc.
vincent @ 21.09.2008 18:04 CET
dude, you rule ;-)
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