Some impressions from the 24 hours programming marathon. Congratulations to the winners Albert Zeyer, Karel Petranek and Sergiy Pylypenko of OpenLieroX! It was a great pleasure hosting all of you at our etoy.TANK.


Hackcontest at the etoy.TANK

Hackcontest 24h-Programmingmarathon at the etoy.TANK

The Hackcontest is a 24 hour programming competition between teams of three open source software projects.  The event takes place at the OpenExpo on September 24/25, 2008 in Winterthur, Switzerland.
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Wiimote whiteboard test

Testing a wiimote whiteboard based on the experiments by Johnny Chung Lee.

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The diluted canon?

In a smart article in today's NZZ Joachim Güntner writes about the impact of digital content on publishing, the end of authoritative selection and the lost need for transcription across media. The canon, the idea of consistency in a literary tradition, loses its grip on our worlds of thought as no authority selects fit and unfit content. This is good news, of course. It implies freedom of thought, individual expression, democratization of content and many other things we cherish about the Internet. The downside is that nobody can actually inherit a tradition, and the recognized link to a tradition used to guarantee impact!

A few questions for etoy's work:
MISSION ETERNITY is explicity about creating a tradition. What are our chances of success (impact) in a pluralistic, multi-lingual, media madness?
Traditions are either bound to authority or built on collectively established quality measures. Discounting the former, how can we achieve the latter? Two simple answers come to mind: First, it takes time. Second, our aesthetic vision, the depth that extends beyond the mere structures we build, and our collective creativity might just break through. It's going to be more hard work.

Hence another link: The current issue of Harvard Business Review features a great article on collective creativity at Pixar. For those of us who've worked with etoy for a while we'll recognize striking similarities. No, not market penetration. In fact, the process of arriving at creative solutions in a team is extremely similar: the open conversations, the adviser boards, the stupid questions, the downplay of ego, and the intense listening by people who have extensive experience but know well that reinventing oneself for every new work takes immense risks.
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