Working day in TANK8, Bolzano

Getting up early. Really early. The apartment at Via Trento 8 offers frugal living - no furniture except for the bed, etoy.TANK8 beats the apartment in comfort, a first! Meditation and writing down whatever came up during those 40 minutes. Bike to the industrial area south of town where TANK8 is located in front of the main entrance to Manifesta7. Start working - whatever I would do in the office in Zurich. Get coffee from the restaurant when it opens at 8. Rejoice, I’m in Italy. Sort of. Watch the automated systems crank up the display, sound, and video systems at 9. Wonder if anyone I know checks out the live webcams. Enjoy the cool morning and watch art visitors behind the glass wall. Get pasta 4 formaggi next door. Turn on the air conditioning unit. Inspect reviews and prepare for discussions with colleagues next week. Revise an article. Email. Discuss a submission project with Zai. The heat is creeping inside the tank. Read research article. Write on a proposal. Switch to more etoy work after five. Meditation and note taking. Discuss new shareholder production process with Zai, design templates for transactions. Bike to iperfamilia for Sanbitter and bread. Snack outside the tank. Admin work for etoy, email for ETH. Book a flight. Complain about the heat. Wonder again if people observe me working. Weird. Plug my music into the tank sound system, Leonard Cohen, Dover, Les Ritas Mitsouko and, of course, Gianna Nannini. Get a Chinotto from the fridge. It’s 21:44, Zai is at the laundromat. Decide to blog a picture from next door. Voilà. Turn up Morcheeba real loud.



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