etoy at Manifesta7

For Manifesta7 etoy built its brand-new TANK8 that serves as infrastructure to support the agents in their self-encapsulation for MISSION ETERNITY. As defined by the protocol, each ARCANUM CAPSULE adheres to basic standards for replicability and access and extends beyond the standards adding arcane, individual traces of life, post mortem plans, snapshots and time stamps, and anything that can capture a fraction of a person's life in the form of digital data. The quest for this trace, the memory and the loss, the deadline and the virtuality behind this ultimate boundary drives MISSION ETERNITY.

Join the etoy.AGENTS in Bolzano this fall: open until November 3, 2008
Observe our daily routines and our great new office at Via Volta 11:

Currently in self-encapsulation mode:
agent ZAI: inviting people for personal conversations captured in video and sound: friends, neighborhood kids, local politicians, farmers, former girlfriends and strangers.
agent HAEFLIGER: logging a series of meditations and transcribing their content to capture a snapshot of his life today.

Links for your visit:



Crew manual for Bolzano



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