router sweltering under Bolzano sky

Because we "only" have a Wifi connection to TANK-8 in Bolzano, we put a router serving as client on top of the TANK to ensure a somewhat reliable connection to the factory building containing the actual access point. Cargo containers tend to be very good shields, so having a Wifi-client in direct line of sight was necessary.

This is what the device looks like after 2 weeks of an average temperature of 33 centigrade during daytime:

How to resist the power of the sun? Hm. Anyone any ideas?
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etoy.VINCENT @ 30.07.2008 20:27 CET
definitely getting time for a satellite uplink ;-)
etoy.SILVAN @ 31.07.2008 08:43 CET
holy wtf ...
is it still operational??
Probably a box with a fan will be required ...
dr rignell @ 06.08.2008 14:20 CET
Start by painting it white? Put it in shadow?
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