pirate art

etoy.TANK-8 at MANIFESTA7 is vaguely interconnected to the S23M bus from The Bureau of Piracy by the means of some unused industrial rails of the ex-ALUMIX, indicating the path to follow between etoy and the pirates. The only blockade is created by a door with a sign "EXIT ONLY".

The pirates were present with 23 people during a couple of days before the official opening and one or two days thereafter. They are on tour. In between a couple of hijacking actions (0wnages), they organized a great party onsite (pictures) with people trancing for hours.

Unfortunately, we only sneaked a peek at their actions, because we were so busy with setting up the new TANK-8, a mobile living space combined with a working and a public area.

Their crowd was rather anarchically organized (is this a paradox?), so there were a lot of different things going on at a time. Their main focus (from my perspective) was the exploration of ideas and their existance as a group, with regard to art and culture. Of course, this aligns well with our own presence at MANIFESTA: SELF-ENCAPSULATION, public dialogue and experimentation/research.

etoy misses your presence, too bad you couldn't stay longer!!
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volada @ 05.08.2008 19:00 CET
thnx etoy, to bad you could´nt come to the party.. maybe next time..

hope your self-encapsulation is going well and that you wrote this wireless (!) -does this self-encapsulation mean you cant pay a visit on the bus once in a while; we are all there on the screen you know.
1ntelivizi0n @ 12.08.2008 20:15 CET
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