Release of ANGEL APPLICATION 0.4 中国 (zhong guo)

We're pleased to announce the availability of version 0.4 中国 (zhong guo) of the ANGEL APPLICATION.

Important improvements are:

  • a new file-based meta data store which (i) removes storage constraints imposed by the previous xattr-based solution which apple ships with twisted, and (ii) in principle allows the angel-app to run on windows-based systems.
  • GUI/web interface improvements.
  • stability fixes
  • dyndns support

More detailed information can be found in the CHANGES file.

A download is available at

To support the testing efforts and to celebrate this release, etoy.MANAGEMENT agreed to open up its archives and re-release selected copylefted content from the TOYWAR era into eternity. For a start, the infamous TOYWAR.lullabies have been committed to the ANGEL APPLICATION, and are available for public consumption at:

iTunes users: no need to explicitly download the tracks. The ANGEL APPLICATION supports WebDAV. Simply hit Command-K in the finder, and connect to the above URL to say hello to the post-browser web (no software installation required):

culture streaming from eternity

As of this release, the ANGEL APPLICATION is a fully functional personal publication platform. As a proof of concept, I am hosting a complete darcs repository on the angel-app (IPv6 required).

Plans for the next release 0.5 "Bozen" include one or more of:

  • networking performance improvements (currently, to validate a file with N clones, it is transferred over the network N times)
  • improved backward compatibility mechanisms (currently, the repository still needs to be nuked for each upgrade)
  • a forward-compatible encryption mechanism (we still rely on ezPyCrypto, the current mechanism does not allow multiple owners for a given resource)
  • throttling support (if you choose to mount someone else's repository, you will currently backup all of the data contained therein)

quick look with the eternity file system



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