etoy.MURIEL on Board of the etoy.CORPORATION

it's a great pleasure  to Welcome etoy.MURIEL  on Board of the etoy.CORPORATION.
a women speeking chinese, thai, english and swissgerman, based in beijing and  part of our coder team.

this is etoy.MURIEL
cool you join etoy.
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no free (legal) hugs in beijing

FREE HUGGIN in beijing seams to be a problem... ;-)
just like burning hell money and promoting "exchange" with national institutions.

but most other stuff is more free than we expected. so far.
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Of horses and zebras

Zhang Weiying's allegory to understand some of the economical reforms happened in china starting in the 80s, particularily the process of `dual-track' pricing. 
"[There was] a village that relied on horses to conduct its chores. Over time, the village elders realised that the neighbouring village, which relied on zebras, was doing better. So after years of hailing the virtues of the horse, they decided to embrace the zebra. The only obstacle was converting the villagers who had been brainwashed over decades into worshipping the horse. The elders developed an ingenious plan. Every night, while the villagers slept, they painted black stripes on the white horses. When the villagers awoke the leaders reassured them that the animals were not really zebras, just the same old horses adorned with a few harmless stripes. After a long interval the village leaders began to replace the painted horses with real zebras. These prodigious animals transformed the village's fortunes, increasing productivity and creating wealth all around. Only many years later—long after all the horses had been replaced with zebras and the village had benefited from many years of prosperity—did the elders summon the citizenry to proclaim that their community was a village of zebras, and that zebras were good and horses bad."
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At Exoweb

Visitied Exoweb, a company dedicated to agile web development in Beijing where Muriel, a former fellow from Liip is currently working. All projects are executed consequently by appliance of scrum, an agile project management methology. The sprint board of a team where the gant chart of tasks, error logs and tracking of time/storypoints is constantly monitored. Tai-Chi for geeks twice a week before lunch on the rooftop of the office.


i just hope the etoy.TANKS do not swimm away :)

GreenPix - zero energy media wall

The GreenPix zero energy mediawall is an innovative glass curtain in front of the Xicui entertainment complex in Beijing. It acts as a self sufficient screen consisting of color LEDs behind glass panels with integrated photovoltaic cells. The screen is charging during the day and flashing at night. We reached there in the afternoon and couldn't witness its shining beauty but were nevertheless impressed by its construction. The building mainly houses an overprized seafood restaurant inside - no traces of  the advertised digital arts space so far. Therefore had to play with some Timothy Leary movies from the sarcophagus on the mediawall simulator. The last picture is taken from the project website (and i'm oncemore wondering where they get the blue skyes on their pictures from :).

Release of ANGEL APPLICATION 0.4 中国 (zhong guo)

We're pleased to announce the availability of version 0.4 中国 (zhong guo) of the ANGEL APPLICATION.

Important improvements are:

  • a new file-based meta data store which (i) removes storage constraints imposed by the previous xattr-based solution which apple ships with twisted, and (ii) in principle allows the angel-app to run on windows-based systems.
  • GUI/web interface improvements.
  • stability fixes
  • dyndns support

More detailed information can be found in the CHANGES file.

A download is available at

To support the testing efforts and to celebrate this release, etoy.MANAGEMENT agreed to open up its archives and re-release selected copylefted content from the TOYWAR era into eternity. For a start, the infamous TOYWAR.lullabies have been committed to the ANGEL APPLICATION, and are available for public consumption at:

iTunes users: no need to explicitly download the tracks. The ANGEL APPLICATION supports WebDAV. Simply hit Command-K in the finder, and connect to the above URL to say hello to the post-browser web (no software installation required):

culture streaming from eternity

As of this release, the ANGEL APPLICATION is a fully functional personal publication platform. As a proof of concept, I am hosting a complete darcs repository on the angel-app (IPv6 required).

Plans for the next release 0.5 "Bozen" include one or more of:

  • networking performance improvements (currently, to validate a file with N clones, it is transferred over the network N times)
  • improved backward compatibility mechanisms (currently, the repository still needs to be nuked for each upgrade)
  • a forward-compatible encryption mechanism (we still rely on ezPyCrypto, the current mechanism does not allow multiple owners for a given resource)
  • throttling support (if you choose to mount someone else's repository, you will currently backup all of the data contained therein)

quick look with the eternity file system


information warfare

memos to the rescue

m221e.ETERNITY-ENGINEERS working on the future

Asset transfer to the dead

The all new etoy.AFTERLIFE-CERTIFICATES can be handled in the following way. Please submit your own experience, improvements, and success stories below. We need to know exactly how to transfer assets between the living and the dead.
  1. Select the birthday or the day of death of the deceased individual (below: beneficiary). Additionally, any holiday is suitable because spending tends to increase during holidays in this life as well as in the afterlife.
  2. Select a street junction near you. (IMPORTANT: it must be a crossing! Possibly this is related to access, winds, and exit options - more information needed)
  3. Draw a circle on the ground for each beneficiary. One circle for all won't cut it.
  4. Draw an exit to the circle for the beneficiary to be able to leave quickly after grabbing the cash. The exit should have a box-like shape adjacent to the circle.
  5. Burn the certificates inside the circle.
  6. Any conversation during the procedure is optional and not mandatory for transfer success.
Please comment and add to our limited understanding of these types of asset transfers. Links and pointers are welcome!
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Nike swoosh replaced the red star

Next1-10/19 twisting values since 1994