etoy goes to China

The SYNTHETIC TIMES exhibition at the National Art Museum of China (NAMOC) features the SARCOPHAGUS and MISSION ETERNITY from June 9 to July 3, 2008.

In the context of the current political controversy, the possibility of boycott has been discussed extensively and dismissed: the etoy.SHAREHOLDERS decided at today's annual meeting to put the full power of the etoy.BRAND behind the propagation of shared cultural value in China. Specific action to implement this objective includes:

1. Sending four agents to China for the full duration of the show with the objective to maximize the interaction with local art consumers, officials, farmers, expatriates, lamas, children, migrant workers, chuppies, and internet entrepreneurs.
2. Providing public access to Timothy Leary's digital and mortal remains inside the SARCOPHAGUS at the gates NAMOC.
3. Running workshops at local universities and art spaces.
4. Networking with Chinese partners to access local markets during activities organized by Pro Helvetia and Presence Switzerland, as well as establishing new trading platforms for the etoy.CONTAINER logistics department.

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