sarcophagus entrance for namoc china show

UPDATE: sketchup file with answers for namoc construction crew

BIG QUESTION: maybe we must change from round hole (170cm diameter) to a square hole (170x170cm). this connection from the "info tunnel" to the sarcophagus is cruitial. a square hole would allow us to create a better flow of visitors.

challenge: to channel up to 20'000 visitors a day trough the SARCOPHAGUS.

solution to at least handle up to 10'000 customers a day: a simple white wooden INFO TUNNEL in which ca 50-80 waiting visitors can be informed by a video running on 3-5 large screens (run time: 2-5 minutes ...according to the mass of people / speed).

INSIDE THE SARCOPHAGUS: between 10 and 15 people can experience a 2minute leary loop (listen watch etc).

etoy never dealt with such a massive flow of visitors and spends the first 3 days after the opening with modification of speed, information load, leary loop, customer feedback etc.

the core architecture (SARCOPHAGUS) looks like this:

3d sketchup file



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