Dr. Albert Hofmann dies at 102

Dr. Albert Hofmann, chemist, visionary, pioneer, mystic, inventor of LSD, discoverer of synthesized psylocibin and voice of wisdom in those unwise times died yesterday at the age of 102.

The etoy.CORPORATION salutes Dr. Hofmann and wishes him all the best for his final journey.

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etoy.ZAI @ 03.05.2008 01:03 CET
dear mr. hofmann. you manipulated my life. you changed the way i work, think, love and judge. THANK YOU! this intervention was one of the most crutial in my life. LSD opened more channels inside my reality than everything else. it is a dangerous and hardcore drug. it can, heal, free, kill, pervert, etc... > FOR ME IT WAS the best drug i ever had.

ALBERT HOFMANN: thank you for "talking" to me.

over and out!
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